Saturday, July 19

Rest in Peace, Paulie Walnuts

Paulie Walnuts was a special favorite among FBRN volunteers.  He suffered from heart problems and we all knew he probably wouldn't get to live out all the years that most Frenchies have.  He recently passed away in his mom's arms.  He was a happy little soul, and he will be sincerely missed.

We hope that there are cows and sheep across the Bridge, Paulie.

With love from

The Frog Princess

Wednesday, July 2

Nanna Finds Her Place

If you keep up with the website, you'll remember the sad story of 12-year-old Nanna, surrendered by her family when no one could keep her.

"I don't like that one. Let's go the other way."
She's a classic Frenchie grandma.  When she's out on walks she likes the people she likes and she doesn't like the people she doesn't like, and at her age she doesn't need a dang reason, so you just mind your own business, young lady! 

She may be elderly, but the old girl is sprightly!  Her foster dad came home to find her sleeping in the living room on her bed rather than in the kitchen behind the baby gate.  She'd leapt right up and over the 2 foot gate!  It is apparent that Nanna will do what Nanna will do.  Get used to it, people.

Nanna has taken over the responsibility for teaching her 6-month-old foster brother how the world works, and she is his Nanna now. 
She is *his* Nanna now.

Go ahead, big dogs at the park.  You wanna pick on him?  Sure.  Go ahead.  See what happens.

Napping with Nanna

No?  Um hm.  We didn't think so.

Nanna's UTI has cleared up  mostly and with the infection, her housebreaking problems have cleared up, too.  She's taking some medicine for whipworm, and that has a longer course to go--another 3 weeks or so.

Though she is still blind in one eye and needs drops for the other, her foster mom reports that  her 12-year-old niece who followed all the instructions about how to approach Nanna from her good eye's side was well received, as was foster mom's mom and sister.

Nanna is also delighted to tell the world that while she may not be down in pounds, she has regained some of her girlish figure, and her waist is back!  Frenchie girls are always concerned about their appearance, no matter how many candles they've extinguished.

We do love the old dames with a dance left in them, sighs

The Frog Princess

Tuesday, July 1


Adorable, easy-going Jasper is going to be available this week! Look for him in a day or two or three on the available page.  Meanwhile, you can check out his foster page.

He's come a long way since his brush with euthanasia, and we are so grateful to the vet who called us instead of putting him down.

Jasper loves his froggy friends, loves swimming, and his foster mom tells us he loves to hide his toys and cow ears.  On the west coast, looking for a great Frenchie?  Look no further.

It is wise always to have a stash of toys, in the opinion of 

The Frog Princess