Monday, November 26

Bugsy Enjoys the Game

FBRN grad Bugsy got to relax on Thanksgiving while others toiled in the scullery, spending their day slaving over a hot turkey and washing up after.

Typical! sniffs
The Frog Princess

Saturday, November 24

Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose

Our beautiful new foster, Rosebud, takes a moment from her recovery from palate surgery to smell the Rosebud stuffy an admirer sent her. She also received the pretty party collar in the same package.
Rosebud is a tiny thing, and suffers terribly from her congenitally malformed legs. She doesn't spend much time on her feet, but she gets her share of attention from her foster mom, and she has been able to modify her foster siblings' pasttimes so that she can include herself in them! She's a smart little frog, and we are so glad we were able to take her in. She's got a long row to hoe before she's going to be well. You can read her story here, and see if you'd like to sponsor her as she picks herself up and gets ready for the next step.
She's as brave as she is beautiful, declares
The Frog Princess

Friday, November 23

Samson Gets Around

Samson has been doing so well now that he's graduated from Physical Therapy! He is always getting out and about, testing his new strength and agility, and even going for short drives to pick up a quart of milk for his foster mom. Here are some photos we received, documenting Samson's days.

"Samson has the job of walking out each day on the grass to watch his area for an occasional visit from a pug or perhaps the cat," Samson's foster mom reports. "I am so happy he can walk for a short distance and stand on his own paws."

"Say, I love this blue go-cart you got for me. It color coordinates w/ my Lupine collar and slip lead. But it really is too small for a real car--and tell me, why is the hardtop on and not the convertible? You aren't afraid the air will lift me out by my ears, are you?"

"I swear Officer, I am visiting PA on vacation, thanks to FBRN. I must have left my license at home in Rhode Island...Yes, of course, I can really touch the pedals!" Darned officers are so suspicious, grumbles Samson.

"Samson is busy standing on his own while being a bully buddy to the ceramic pug. Samson thought since we don't have a Garden Frenchie he might try for Tree Frenchie status."

As we all know only too well: A Pug may work from sun to sun, but a Frenchie's job is never done, sighs
The Frog Princess

Thursday, November 22

Happy Thanksgiving from Gigi!

Gigi, FBRN graduate, wrote us this note to wish us all a happy Thanksgiving!

"Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
Just wanted to give you an update on how I've been doing in my new life. I got adopted by some lucky folks in Florida. I try to take good care of them. Give them lots of love and affection. I feel they need frequent big, sloppy kisses. I have a younger Frenchie sister, named Lucy Lou. She is a little bratty at times, you know how little sisters can be. But I love her. I give her a good grooming at least once a day.
My mom is pretty nice, but a bit odd at times. She likes to play dress up at times, and she takes the cleanliness thing a little too far in my opinion. But other than that, she is okay.
My dad is good, too. If I get too tired on a long walkie, he'll pick me up and carry me a bit. We have a great aunt that lives here with us, she's 83. I can't even imagine how old that is in dog years. But she lets us out in the backyard, and sits on the porch with us, and sneaks us treats when mom is at work. Mom keeps me on something called weight manage ment, but Aunt Doris shares good stuff with us. Don't tell mom. Don't want to get the old girl in trouble. This is me, wearing my halo. My mom must think I'm an angel.

I love to take naps in the BIG BED! My dad puts us up there sometimes in the morning, so we snuggle up close next to mom, Lucy Lou on one side, and me on the other, like book-ends! She mumbles something about not being able to move, but who would want to, with good company like that? She also puts these little orange foam things in her ears, mumbling about noise. We're not bothered by any noise. She must be dreaming that.

My most favorite thing, next to food, of course, is to be held. If I think my mom looks lonely, I pat her on the leg, and she picks me up, and we rock. She thinks my purring is sweet. She complains sometimes about her arm going to sleep. Weird. My dad walked by and said one day that I was the world's ugliest baby, but my mom set him straight. We hope you all have someone to hold, love, and give thanks with this season.
love, GiGi"

We second those sentiments, and add a wish for plenty of pie for all our dear subjects!
The Frog Princess

Thursday, November 15

A Poem for Churchill

We received this note in the website mailbox today:

"This is a poem I wrote for Churchill.

I want to see you up in Heaven, Churchill.
Where you are no longer ill.

You make my eyes shed tears,
with your big ol' Frenchie ears.

Churchill, you made me realize,
with those eyes,
that in my heart you're still alive.

Joseph *******, age 11

I love you Churchill"

Thank you, Joseph. That is an excellent poem for remembering Churchill with! He was a very special dog, wasn't he? We think you are also something special.

The Frog Princess

Monday, November 12

Daisy Mae Checks In

Here is a note we received from former foster, Daisy Mae. Daisy Mae had serious anxiety problems, and any time there was a change in her life or her schedule she would break out and lose most of her coat.
We looked high and low for a family who could provide her with a super-stable home, and we found a perfect place for her. Check out Daisy Mae's nightgown! Why it is almost as nice as the one we wear in our own boudoir! Here's her mom's note:

"I wanted to give you a little update on Daisy. She has adjusted completely now. She does scratch at the door to go outside, no accidents, she plays and wrestles with Ralphie all the time, she has not even attempted to dash for the door anymore, she does not pull on her leash at all (unless she see's a rabbit) and she is just the cutest snuggle bug. She is just perfect! She hasn't even broken out, even when I went away for the weekend ( and she stayed home with Mike) she was fine.
I did take her to the doctor's yesterday just for a check up, nail trim, anal gland check, and ears. The vet said she was in great shape. She was screaming for mercy when they trimmed her nails though. She had a slight ear infection in her right ear, so the vet gave me medication for that. Also the vet wanted to ensure that her coat stays healthy (because of her known history of break-outs) and gave me salmon oil to put in her food. It will keep her coat nice and moisturized. Also, he gave me some wipes to wipe her tail area, because she has a inverted tail, so he wanted to keep it clean so bacteria does not grow in there.

I am just so happy with how far Daisy has come along, especially with your care, and am so happy and pleased to have her in our family. I have attached some pictures of her sleeping in our bed. She is a little sleeping beauty."

Indeed she is! What a happy dream she must be dreaming. All slow-moving bunnies and a world without nail clippers!

We have that dream, too, Daisy Mae.
The Frog Princess

Sunday, November 11


Lucien is just one of those frogs. He's a classic of his type. He's affable, responsive, affectionate, goofy and easy-going.
Very easy going. In fact, you can keep the going part, he's going to have a nap right here!

Lucien is in foster care, and he's in great shape! His foster mom says he is an old soul in a young dog. He had his teeth cleaned and two teeth pulled last month, and the remainder of his teeth appear to have been ground down. But he's still got a great grin--we think it might be even more charming with so few teeth in it!

Lucien is fostering with FBRN grad, Bijou, who finds him completely irresistible! She has taken to dropping her hanky anytime he is in the same room. But Lucien isn't having any. He knows all about these winking, one-eyed women and their wily ways! His mamma didn't send him out into the world without a little private chat, first.
Bijou is going to have to work a little harder to win the attention of this frog away from the object of his affection--his comfy bed.

Give him a Dagwood sandwich, a clicker, a beer, and a game on the tv, and Lucien would be indistinguishable from 70 per cent of America's men on any Sunday afternoon. Lucien doesn't think there's anything wrong with that!
Check out his bio and see if you think Lucien could be happy in your house. If so, fill out an application and maybe there'll be another mouth to feed on Thanksgiving afternoon this year.

The Frog Princess

Saturday, November 10

There's a Chill in the Air!

...say Tuffy and Wilbur (formerly Monty of the PA 8)! Here's a note we got recently about these two FBRN grads:

"There's a chill in the air--and the way we know this at our house is that tuffy & wilbur have begun to spoon...tuffy has been terribly put out by the fact that wilbur claimed 'the big red chair' (a.k.a. tuffy's chair) shortly after arriving in july. it wasn't that wilbur was opposed to having company, tuffy just didn't think it was right. or dignified. all that changed the night we forgot to turn the heat on and the temp in the house dropped into the low 60s. now it's a regular early morning sight. though tuffy would prefer that you avert your eyes..."

Yes, Tuffy's expression is rather forbidding, there. Say, Tuffy! We are all trying to conserve energy here at the Frog Princess's place! We'd be delighted to spoon with a manly beast like Wilbur for the benefit of the planet.

We are all about sacrifice, claims
The Frog Princess

Thursday, November 8

Shuggie Lu Skiddoo!

Shuggie Lu is an adorable puppy with more energy than a certain battery-powered rabbit
we've all seen on tv. She is a bundle of get up and go, and she just plain wore her poor family out. They loved her to pieces, but when a simple walkies resulted in a broken hip for her dad, her family reluctantly decided to rehome her with a family who could provide the kind of stimulation and exercise she needs to be happy.

She's getting walked every day by a 6'2" teenager and spends lots of time getting her yayas out in the fenced yard in her foster home. Here's a note we got from her foster mom:
"Shuggie Lu was surrendered by her owners who were just overwhelmed by her at this point in their lives. They live in a magnificent home in a beautiful community, however, they had no fenced yard and Shuggie's pulling and general exuberant "puppiness" proved more than they could handle. They obviously loved and did everything for this dog -- she has had all necessary veterinary care, including being spayed. She also has seen an allergy specialist and is eating holistic dog food and special treats. Shuggie is crate trained and rides beautifully in the car.

Shuggie is a long, lean shiny dark brindle with a white patch on her chest. She also has some white on her feet, some of which look like someone tried to give her a frenchie manicure but quit before being finished.

Since being in foster care, she has been playing, playing, playing. She runs in the yard and is busy exploring everything, finding anything I left on the floor (I think she is done now). She loves to chew nylabones and play with toys. She is very fast and can jump with the best of them. Walks have been uneventful so far with very little pulling, walking calmly with her frenchie foster sister to show her the way. She loves to go on walks. She loves meeting other dogs in the neighborhood and is very polite with them. She is able to calm down and be a sweetheart, but is competing with a two year old rather possessive female Frenchie.

She has shown no aggression whatsoever (although there are occasions when I wouldn't blame her).

She was given a bath and was very compliant, and figured if she just buried her face in my shoulder and breathed really hard everything would work out fine. Mildred was laughing at her, but got paid back with a bath right after.

Shuggie sleeps very well and has taken up residence in my teenage son's bed (neither one of them have been complaining). She has been left alone, uncrated, for a couple of hours and Mildred has convinced her that, when the parents leave, it is time to nap.

Shuggie will be seeing a vet for a checkup and to be micro chipped."

We hear she also adores chasing an ice cube all around the kitchen floor for a low-cal, high energy treat. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a frozen cube? One...two...three...Three!

Says the wise old
Frog Princess

Tuesday, November 6

Puppy Breath!

Is there anyone who is immune to the power of puppy breath? Certainly no one in FBRN can resist a pudgy tummy and those pin-sharp teefs! Here is a first report from Jac's lucky foster parents:

"We are happy to announce the arrival of our new foster baby! He came into FBRN's care a few nights ago. He came with the name Jac-o, but we are calling him Jac for short.

Good news is... he answers to Jac even better than Jac-o.

Jac is 13 weeks old & hails from Brooklyn, NY. He came into FBRN foster care when his dad realized he didn't have the time it would take to raise little Jac.

Jac has what seems to be the tail end of kennel cough so he is on antibiotics now.

The vet thought he may even have pneumonia so we xrayed for that & his lungs are
clear. He is still breathing/coughing yucky green mucus from his nose & mouth. He seems terribly underweight, although the vet said that we shouldn't be concerned about it.

He came to us on Monday night & since then, his eyes have brightened & his stool has firmed up & we hope he is packing on some weight for us.

He is starting to not be as wobbly on his legs as well. Poor little guy, he is as sweet as sugary pumpkin pie & loves to cuddle on laps. He has stolen everyones' heart that he has met.

Jac will be neutered after Thanksgiving & then will be ready for his forever parents to come & whisk him away to his new palace & lavish him with all the love that they can give this little prince... he will break our hearts when he goes home & we know everyone in our household will be in happy tears!!!"

That is one adorable puppy! sighs
The Frog Princess


Skeeter came to us as an insecure, bitey, out of control young Frog. He is living with a very dedicated foster family, who have worked through many of his challenges. From a food-guarding, toy-guarding, nasty young thing, he has become a much more gentle, amenable boy. In one of the photos below, you can see him "sharing" a toy with his foster mom. After weeks of hand-feeding and desensitization, he now allows people to come near his dish and even take food from him. Here is a nice, long update on Skeeter's progress. Please join us in congratulating his foster family on the wonderful strides they've made in helping this skeeter bug straighten up and fly right! Here's his foster mom's note:

"Training- In obedience this frog is TOP FROG. He knew how to sit, stay, heel, and come when he first arrived but now he can SIT LIKE A BOODA DOG, SHAKE HANDS, ARMY CRAWL, and ROLL OVER. He loves his daily training sessions with his foster mom and will do ANYTHING for a training treat! :-)

Food aggression- When Skeeter first arrived in foster care he was EXTREMELY food aggressive. His foster mom and dad could not get within 3 feet of his bowl and he would growl and snarl like a wild cat. NOW we can stand next to him as he eats, ask him to back up and either add more food or water to his dish, AND his foster mom can hold his bowl and feed him open handed.

When he first arrived in foster care he would scarf up every bite like it was his last meal, now he always has bits of kibble left after each meal that he is allowed to snack on throughout the day.
He has no aggression issues with bone and allows his foster parents to take it out of his mouth, share a bite(pretend only!)

Dog Aggression-this is an area we are working on. He initially was not allowed to interact with his foster siblings due to fact that he was extremely rude to them (growling, snarling, and even tried to bite his Boston brother when we did allow him to interact.) Very recently we have allowed him to be upstairs with his foster siblings while on a lead. He has been handling this well. He will not challenge his foster sister, Sydney as she is the alpha bitch in our home. In the past he did prefer to "pick on" the weaker links in our pack (our puppy, and his Boston brother.) However, in a social setting he can go for a walk and pass by a dog without being rude.

Human Relationships-Skeeter does very well for the most part with his foster parents. He is very affectionate and loves to be petted.

He allows his foster parents to pick him up, touch him all over his body(this he did NOT like when he first arrived!) He is allowed a couple of hours of one-on-one time upstairs in which he drags a lead but has progressed to 1 hour time blocks before he begins to stress. He LOVES to snuggle, and give kisses that both his foster parents eat up!!! Strangers are a different story; he does not mind it if a stranger walks by, but DO NOT PET HIM!!! He instantly bristles up and begins to growl. He is receiving ALOT of social interaction to help with this issue. He has tried to guard his foster parents when he is in stores by crossing in front of them and he is learning that that behavior is unacceptable.

HEALTH-Skeeter has put on some weight; he weighs 26lbs and has filled out nicely. He is eating premium food, and his coat looks great! He is taking PROZAC to help him be a bit calmer and this has helped not react so quickly to stimuli and allows his training to continue to progress.

Overall he is a very sweet boy, he loves to play fetch and snuggle in our laps. He has overcome some of his issues but still has a long way to go. He has great days for the most part but at times still has days when he is a butt head. His foster parents are very dedicated to his success and know that he can someday be someone's special companion."

What a great report on this tough boy's progress! We can hardly believe he stood still long enough to have that costume put on. He is clearly moving from out of control to merely crotchety. We are going to keep an eye on this nutty mutt, and we hope you will, too!

Why is it that the Bad Boys have the most beautiful smiles? wonders
The Frog Princess

Monday, November 5

Winter is Icumen In!

The lovely autumn colors are fading and the leaves are falling, leaving the skeletons of trees exposed against the lowering sky. From time to time in the Frog Princess's kingdom, the sun makes an appearance, and the quality of the sunlight is green/golden, coming sideways across the landscape, rather than shining down directly on our subjects as it does in warmer months.

Now that the days are darkening, we thought a reminder of the coming spring is in order, just in case any melancholy souls are grumping about the long months that stretch before us. Here are some photos of recent FBRN graduate Meika, enjoying a day of sunshine and sea and sand on some coastal paradise. Her mom sent us this note:

"Meika (formerly Mica) is settled into our home, and we look forward to all three of us owning a home with a big fenced yard to garden. Meika absolutely loves to "help" me in the garden, but for now has to be on a leash. We love her dearly and are very grateful to FBRN for bringing her into our lives. She has added so much joy to our lives!"

We feel sure that Meika will make herself very useful when the day comes that she is turned loose to help turn the earth and guard against the trespassings of feathered and furry delinquents on the prowl for a berry or a bean.

Meanwhile, as the winter comes and the garden rests, it is very good to know that Meika has a few toys to occupy herself with and help to wile away the hours until the soil reaches a lovely 50 degrees or so and planting is possible again! We believe she'll make an excellent companion and assistant when the seed catalogs begin to arrive and selections must be made.

Those catalogs are dangerous, we know.

It is tempting to throw moderation to the wind in a bout of Spring fever, and order every kind of flower seed, then broad cast them willy-nilly, to cause a midsummer botanical riot. We feel sure Meika will have opinions on the vexing question of marigolds or morning glories, poppies or petunias, columbine or Canterbury bells.

But why not plant them all? incites
The Frog Princess