Thursday, March 31

The Raffle Is ON!

Oh, my heavens!  iPad! Flip Video camera! Dyson Animal vacuum! Couture doggy gown!  Garmin GPS! Hundreds in giftcards for wine and cheese and Home Depot! Martha Stewarts' Frenchie sheet set!
And these are just the tip of the iceberg, friends.  Go. Now.  Support FBRN and buy some tickets to help us make this year's raffle the best year's raffle ever!  It's our biggest single fundraiser, and so many of our volunteers contributed--really, it's over the top and clean down the other side and halfway up the next hill, that's what it is!
And you don't have to be a Frenchie person to appreciate most of the merchandise here--though it doesn't hurt. 
We are using our tax refund to support homeless frogdogs.  Take a chance!  You could win!
And please spread the word. 
The Frog Princess

Monday, March 28

Porkchop Plays Nice

Porkchop is settling into her foster home, and after treatment for various ailments and disorders, she is feeling much perkier!
Here's what her foster family had to say about her, with links to video:

"I've been meaning to provide a Porkchop update.  It has been a little over 2 weeks, as of Saturday.  We waited until this past weekend to begin introductions.  As we expected, things went very well.  I'm actually very surprised (pleased) by the level of playfulness that Porkchop is showing - she is much more playful than I expected, based upon our initial walks.  She is clearly feeling better and loves to play with our two.  PeaNUT is very happy to have another wrastling buddy...I can't say this strongly enough.  Attached are a few photos of the recent activities around our place.  For those who prefer movies, I have uploaded a couple to YouTube:  and

Regarding her health:

1st, I'm now a little more concerned about her breathing - especially after hearing her during/after the play.  She is very noisy.  Her tongue really sticks out during/after the play.  This also happens on our walks - and we are going pretty slow (and not very far - and it's in the evenings when it's cool).  

2nd, I believe she is feeling much better now that she is out of heat, probably over her UTI, ear infection, and her skin is improving - somewhat.  I see her everyday, so it is tough to say exactly how much her skin has improved, but I believe that I can feel a difference in the coarseness of her coat (the part that exists) and I think her skin is less red.  She is still on antibiotics and I have her on Benadryl, a grain free diet, and Duoxo calming shampoo & spray.  We need to go in for a re-check to confirm urinalysis, fecal, ears - then we will start thinking about vaccinations and eventually her spay.    

She continues to be an extremely sweet girl.  She is very funny on our walks.  Sometimes she walks at a decent pace, sometimes she REALLY takes her time.  The funniest is when we walk by the restaurants in our neighborhoods - she 100% knows about patio tables...she has to stop at every single one to beg for food or attention.  It is pretty funny, fairly quickly we have the entire restaurant looking at us and laughing at the bulldog who insists on stopping at every single table.  One day I'll get a video of these antics.  We have met a few people and spread the word about FBRN this way." 

Could you resist a pair of big, dark eyes, a couple of perky ears, a wagging nubbin, and a wide and toothy grin if you were having a little dinner al fresco?  No, neither could

The Frog Princess

Thursday, March 17

NYT Goes to Dogs!

Two separate and individual readers sent us links this morning to two different articles from the Gray Lady herself.

Alena, Meika and Tucker taking a morning constitutional! 
The first article is about another reason adopting a dog might be good for you, on top of lowering blood pressure and keeping depression at bay. Keep in mind that Frenchies are not good choices for jogging companions, but most frogdogs are up for a walk and, like Ernie and his family to the right, and Max on the left, enjoy getting out into the greenspaces.

The second article discusses some of the potential consequences of differing ideologies about companion animals within a family. 

Both worth a read, suggests

The Frog Princess

Saturday, March 12

Wilma, the Wonder Frog!

Wilma's foster mom has been worried that everyone will be applying for the new puppy on the available page and no one will see the glory that is Wilma.  So she wrote us a note about her:
"Wilma has held the title of Wonder Girl since the first day she landed in our home.
It's not feats of bravery or daring that have earned her the name but rather that I am in wonder of her.
Wonder, how much did she suffer during her life as a puppy producer? Was she kept warm and clean? Was she hungry often?
How much pain did she endure when her ears were hurting and not treated? How long did she exist without a loving touch or word?
Wonder, at how accepting she has been of all the new faces and places she has been taken since being rescued. Ladies giving car rides, a pilot flying her great distances...and what is this person called a Vet ? 
Wonder at her sweetness and her tenacity. Her non confrontational nature but her her ability to stand her ground.
Wonder at what her future holds when she goes to her forever home and if they will cherish her as I do.
Wonder, if the pain will be permanently erased from her memory as a new life unfolds before her.
Wilma is truly a joy. Named for her vet's grandmother, she is like her namesake, a grand lady that is loved beyond compare.
Wilma surprises us each an every day with a new silly antic. She is forever hauling a nylabone with her. 
She has one in her mouth most of the time. She even takes one with her when she goes out to potty!  
Recently one of the resident frenchies was trying to run her off from her food bowl. Instead of being confrontational, she picks up her heavy pottery bowl in her mouth and walks away with her meal to go. No drama with this girl.
Don't let her looks fool you, she is getting more and more active and playful. She gives it her all, but it is shortlived and then a good nap is in store.
She never barks unless she's dreaming and will wake herself up with a short little WOOF.
Wilma is a Wonder Girl.  The cape proves it!"
Someone will be very fortunate to fly away with this wonderful frog.  Maybe it will be you, suggests
The Frog Princess

Friday, March 11

Outrageous Product Placement

Chaya, our favorite googly-eyed pied,  got a treat earlier this week. She's so active and full of the bounce and boing, she needs a little extra protein between her meals.

Here's a video of Chaya.  You know, we can't believe this adorable doll hasn't got a single sponsor. 

How can that be? wonders
The Frog Princess