Monday, October 2

Heeeere's Higgins!

For the last few years, Texas has been a reliable source of rescue Frenchies. It appears that the people of Texas are especially susceptible to our little rascals. We are delighted that when sad or bad things happen to the folks who share their lives with these clowns, they are often responsible enough to seek out the help of FBRN in rehoming their beloved pets. This is Higgins, surrendered to us recently in the great state of Texas. The following is a note we received from his smitten foster mom, who is aware that as foster babies go, Higgins is a peach!

"We picked up Higgins today. He's a perfect example of what a frenchie's temperament should be. He's a happy-go-lucky guy that loves people and gets along great with loud little kids and obnoxious big dogs (my male gets a bit uptight with other dogs). He's fit right in with the household; no problems so far. It's gone so well that I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Like he's going to have demon flames shooting from his butt in the middle of the night or something.

He just turned 2 and is known for having allergies. According to his previous owner (who sent him with an enormous amount of stuff, including outfits, medicine, his next heartguard and Frontline treatment, etc) his skin is better now than it ever has been. He's got a few bald spots and the tell tale thinning hair around the eyes, but other than that he looks great. I've seen a lot worse and I'm assuming the stress of the move may throw him into another skin fit, but you never know.

He's a lovely dark brindle pied, about 25lbs and in great shape. He frolics at high speed in the backyard with my big boy who's a good 90 lbs and very long of leg. Really, for a first foster, we lucked out.
I've been trying to convince my husband that we should get a frenchie as a third dog and he's been balking at the thought. It took him maybe 10 seconds for him to fall in love with Higgins, and he was just floored when he got on so well with our big boy.

I suspect getting us our own frenchie will no longer be an uphill fight, though I suspect we'll have some tears from him when we place Higgins! Oh, and did I mention that Higgins seems to be fully house trained? Gotta love those pre-trained ones...."

Oh, we understand the foster dad’s response to Higgins. Who hasn’t fallen instantly in love with a dog at some point? We’d better get this little darling into his forever home before too much longer. Letting go of the first foster is the toughest, but getting notes and photos from the new family really helps. If you are interested in adopting young Higgins, keep an eye on the available page. Applications will probably be accepted within the next two weeks or so.

Join us in welcoming Higgins to FBRN! Commands
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous guy. I am sure that you will have no trouble placing this one. You will probably just need to wade through lot's of applications. I hope that Higgins goes to a wonderful forever home. What a Sweetie.