Friday, August 31

Mango Means Mmmm!

This adorable pied boy is only eighteen months old. He has been kept in a crate for the last six months or so, because he has a leaky rectum. He had never been seen by a vet for this problem until he was surrendered to his foster mom. He's also a bit nervous and when he was surrendered his owner said he had "mental problems." The vet thought the mental problems probably stem from painful elimination and angry corrections following the bowel movements he couldn't control. He's wearing a diaper now, and he's getting along great with dogs, cats and people.

The specialist Mango saw has diagnosed him with Spina Bifida. The prognosis for improvement in terms of rectal leaking is poor. However, FBRN has placed a dog with spina bifida (Bubba Gump, now George) and he is doing very well. We've also had some good results helping control problems like Mango's and Lainey's with a fresh diet, either home-cooked or raw.

We'll keep you posted on Mango's progress. Keep a good thought for him.

Meanwhile, we can't figure out why we are humming this: "Put the lime in the coconut, drink 'em both together, put the lime in the coconut, then you FEEL better..."

The Frog Princess

Lainey's Travels

Here is our gorgeous girl, Lainie, preparing to make the lines fast on a fair and friendly shore.
Lainey is a seasoned traveler, and we have confidence that she'll be welcome wherever she goes.

We received a note from Lainey's foster mom recently. We are still working on finding the optimum diet for this poor girl, who has a problem with her bottom. Here's the note:

"Isn't she the most adorable thing ever!? I have been trying to get her finicky little tummy settled down and I think we are on our way finally! So here's the scoop. Lainey is a lovely little dog. Her housetraining isn't perfect, but it's pretty close. She has absolutely no aggression issues that I have seen, she is walking well on her new Lupine harness, courtesy of [a volunteer] here in Toronto, she lives to be loved, likes to be as close to you as possible and has almost stopped cowering. She is even dancing over to strange men and giving them her signature wiggle!

She is eating RAW diet called Natures Variety, and has pumpkin in every meal, and bones when she is in her crate. I have learned that she CANNOT have anything else otherwise she gets the runs. Maybe when her system is totally regular in a few months she can have more, but right now I am being pretty strict with her. I took her to my vet and they talked to a couple of specialists who both agreed that her leaky bottom is permanent. But I have found that with the RAW she only really needs a wipe after she poops--no big deal! I am hoping to get her on the available page ASAP!!
She says Hi to all her fans out there!"

After an afternoon running the rigging, poor Lainie is pooped out! We hope she is dreaming sweet dreams of a family of her own, whether they live inland or by sea.

There's nothing as restful as napping to the swash-swash sound of the surf on the sand, sighs
The Frog Princess

Wednesday, August 29

Beasley Marches to Her Own Drumbeat

Beasley is one of FBRN's trouble children. She came to us when her family became frightened of her temper tantrums at 8 months old, and she went through one foster home before landing in her current foster placement. She has been making great progress here, but she's larger than life. Maria Callas. Evita Peron. Catherine de' Medici.

Listen. Beasley is a French Bulldog--you should pardon the expression--bitch. She has all the tendency to throw her weight around, engage in attitudes of entitlement, and generally comport herself like the rock n roll diva on skates many Frenchie bitches have.
However, Beasley takes that tendency and amps it up, and she will require a strong-minded, consistent, no-nonsense but LOVING family if she is to live happily with humans. She is extra spicy in some areas, such as resisting having to go in the crate. She will give you plenty of lip about it and has even thrown a tooth or two over the thumb of her foster mom to make her point. She did that one time. Our foster mom doesn't play games with uppity puppies.

We are seeking a home for beautiful Beasley, one where she will have a canine playmate her size or larger, willing to romp and rattle the roof. She can't be in a home with kids, and that's not negotiable, but she does need a family willing to try to see the world through Beasley's eyes and then help her to adjust her vision to their point of view while manipulating her environment to prevent meltdowns.

Ideally, her family will be innovative in providing opportunities for Beasley to succeed and will simply not present her with occasions that will allow her to fail.

That will probably mean finding and using a very good trainer with experience working with oddball dogs. Not mean or vicious dogs, necessarily, just dogs with a unique interpretation of the world.

Beasley needs a family who will be willing to work on earning her trust every day. That means a family that understands dogs' needs and supplies consistent, firm, loving attention.

Yes, she is beautiful and cute, but this girl is not for marshmallow families or first-time dog owners.

Have we scared you off? If not, take a peek at Beasley's bio on our website. See if you and she could make beautiful, interesting music together.

The Frog Princess

Sunday, August 26


Here is one of our newest fosters, Bijou, ready to take the wheel if only someone will give her the key. Uh oh! don't let the Frenchie drive the car!

You may note that she is the proud possessor of one gorgeous eye. She's also got those adorable freckled ears that drive some of our volunteers round the bend. They are gorgeous ears, but they are merely decorative. Bijou is deaf.

Yes, we were tempted to call her Lucky, but that joke is so old it has whiskers.

She's a pip, and she's going to make some very lucky family very happy! Her story will be on the FBRN website next week.

Beep beep!
The Frog Princess

Friday, August 24

Don't Help a Good Boy Go Bad

This is FBRN grad, Benny.

Benny the Frog.

He's cute, isn't he?
Very innocent and sweet, wouldn't you say?

This little Frenchie would never dream of causing his mamma even a moment's anxiety or disappointment. Truly, he's the very model of a well-behaved young frog.

Or is he? Watch carefully as this seemingly guiltless, even saintly, French Bulldog proves himself a Wolf in Frog's clothing. Can't you just hear him whistling a little tune, all sweetness and light?
Oh, but he is as the rose wi' a worm in the bud!

See how he looks around! Watch as he makes sure the coast is clear! Is this not evidence of perfidy and an evil nature so profoundly warped that no penitentiary can reform him, no church refine him, no love redeem him?

Yea, verily! We say to you, don't help a good frog go bad! Don't leave your tomato plants in an area where a fine young French Bulldog may be tempted to eat of the fruit of the love-apple! For truly, if you leave a ripe tomato hanging from a plant on the patio and you put a hungry Frenchie there with it, whose fault is it, really, if that tomato disappears?

Whose fault is it really? Demands

The Frog Princess

Thursday, August 23

Once in Love with Aimee...

Aimee is experiencing the kind of renascence we love to see in an 8 year-old gal! From a shy and retiring puppy mill survivor who wouldn't eat if there were any people in the room, she has become a breakout star in her own universe! Here is a note from her foster mom from early this month, describing Aimee's first healthy appetite:
"I wanted to share my joy with the group! Aimee did something last night that she has not done since arriving at my home, especially after she began her Cushing's medication...Aimee RAN and ATE her breakfast and her dinner!!!!! I was playing a game of "Chase Mommy down the hallway" with my puppy and boston terrier when all of a sudden I saw a flash of brindle! Aimee was running after me! This sweet froglet has been so lethargic, and so sickly, that to see her move her wobbly legs just to join me in a game of chase, put tears of joy in my eyes. Maybe now we will begin to see her "real" temperament come out."

Shortly after Aimee came back to us, we discovered that Aimee has been suffering from a hormone disorder called Cushing's Disease. Cushing's disease is very frequently mistaken for the ordinary effects of aging in dogs: hair loss, weight gain, lethargy, and incontinence. Sometimes, people opt to put down their dogs, assuming their companion has simply gotten very old and a little gaga. But when the disease is diagnosed properly, many, many dogs are successfully treated for Cushing's disease, and Aimee appears to be one of the majority who respond well to meds.

After almost 3 weeks of treatment, her little pot belly is diminished and she has regained quite a bit of muscle and a good deal of hair! She has been playing like a puppy with the resident dogs in her foster home, as you see above with her foster sibling, Sassy, and wonder of wonders: she has taken to schmoozing her new foster dad! This is the girl who would run and hide if a man came into the room, and who never did learn to trust her first dad much further than she could throw him, poor man.

Here is the most recent update on our beautiful Aimee's condition. Aimee's Cushing's medicine is $70 a bottle, but when it works this well, we say it's cheap at twice the price!

"Aimee went in on Monday and had a blood test done to check to see if everything is functioning correctly (liver, kidneys, white and red count, etc.) Everything looked GREAT! It appears that for the time being her Cushings medicine is at the appropriate level and that the small dose of prednisone is keeping her eating and acting well. :-))

She will be going in on Sept. 2 for another ACTH stimulation test so we will be hoping for good results then as well. My vet and I think that she is starting to lose a bit of "pot belly" and the large fat pocket under her neck is starting to go down. She still continues to potty frequently so she will be looking forward to her designer panties!

Aimee continues to blossom daily, she is beginning to show some spunkiness, LOVES people, and enjoys the company of other dogs. She is VERY easy going, in fact, when I take to the vet she hops up on the bench in the waiting area and pops off to sleep. The waiting room is filled with the sounds of snorting and snoring! My favorite combination!"

Here is Aimee with her foster sibling Sydney, protected from the sun in their cute outfits!

If you are interested in sponsoring the born-again Aimee as she comes into her own, you can do so here. We know and trust that somewhere out there, there is a family with a place for Aimee to live happily ever after in her golden years. If you think your home might be that place, keep an eye out for Aimee to appear on our available list. At the rate she's going, she'll be feeling fine as fish hair and ready to be placed before the Harvest Moon peeps over the golden plains of Kansas, where Aimee is being fostered.

It's not tornado season is it? frets
The Frog Princess

Wednesday, August 22

Sweet Dreams for Maurice

All of the fosters we take in are memorable and wonderful animals. And some of these fabulous beasts strike a chord in different volunteers' hearts and some are universal favorites. This is Maurice. He's a great big lug who was dumped in a shelter's collection box at six months old with the most horrifying case of mange our volunteers had ever seen. In the photo to the right, you can see the hair loss and redness of his skin just a few days after he came to us.
The lightest touch on his body resulted in a bloody smear on your hand. But he loved to be touched, and he needed it as much as he needed to breathe. His foster family fell deeply in love with him. But when they saw the application from his new family, they knew they had found a perfect home for him.
And here is Maurice today. Sleeping and dreaming happy dreams in his mama's bed. How'd you like to wake up and see this beautiful mug every morning?

Yes, we'd give a lot to see it too, sighs
The Frog Princess

Daisy Mae's Debut

Daisy Mae is making her debut this week on our available list! Look for her biography and see if you and she could make beautiful music together.Here's a note from her foster mom describing the elegant and entertaining Daisy M:
"Miss Daisy Mae's family made the loving and very difficult decision to surrender her to rescue because they could no longer cope with her recurring skin ailment, we are working on that and we plan to have a clean bill of health before she is placed. She is a very sweet 6 year old spayed female with no other apparent problems. She is getting along fine with her foster pug siblings (however she IS an alpha) and loves to meet new folks.
She does well in the crate and at this point barks at the door to go out, but it is not 100%. We will be working on that as well as some basic obedience.
She has shown a gravitation towards one of her friends with Down Syndrome, and does mind him quite well."

Daisy Mae is being fostered in the steaming hills and hollows of beautiful West Virginia, where soon enough the leaves will be turning and the air will be crisp and bright.

"Country roads, take me home to the place I belong..." hums
The Frog Princess

Wednesday, August 15

Home at last!

Here is a photo of our former foster dog, JJ, expressing sentiments we heartily echo upon our return from a visit to strange and foreign lands, where we enjoyed a near-surfeit of fishy foods, and where the deceptively picturesque waves sweeping up and off the rocky shores seem tailor-made to deliver an unsuspecting dignitary into oblivion.

We continue to brush sand out of our lovely coat whilst enjoying memories of interesting encounters with strange and pinchy beasts; with giddy, squealing foreigners for whom our particular sort of beauty was a delightful novelty; and with uncouth hounds who made a little free with our person in their exuberant curiousity to discover the secret of our origins. We were obliged to object to these liberties, but we did so in our usual charming way and avoided causing An Incident.

Enjoyable as it may be to spend a few days in the company of our royal family and the people of other, saltier climes, we are delighted to return to our fragrant, moist and emerald valley kingdom, where fishy foods are but an occasional treat and the only waves to sneak up on us are tame ones in the tub and water dish.

Hoping you behaved yourselves while we were gone, we remain

The Frog Princess

Thursday, August 9

Gone Fishin'

Enjoy the weekend as much as Jersey Jack is enjoying his oversized chewy! The Frog Princess will return in a few days, after a brief diplomatic jaunt.
The Frog Princess

Monday, August 6

Annie Oakley Comes Around

When Annie Oakley first came to us, she had to be coaxed to walk outside with bits of cheese and she was so petrified she couldn't look anyone in the eye. Now her foster mom says, she frequently wears a Frenchie chapeau, as Annie scootches and scootches around trying to help her find juuuuuuust the right spot for a good skritching. Annie's completely come out of her shell, as the update below tells us. What a turn-around! Here's the note we got with some photos:

"Annie is doing just great. She's definitely more wary of men than women. Any strange men in the house she'll run up and bark at them. It's a funny reaction, though, because she still wants their attention since she jumps up on them and will sit next to them, but she apparently doesn't want them to actually look at her. Women she's better with off the bat and usually is all over them fairly quickly -- within an hour or so. Children are a definite no. My sister came for the weekend with her 9 mo. son and Annie was a little too interested in him for my comfort. Also, she's has some strange reactions to certain toys, and would charge the toy -- no matter who was holding it or what they were doing with it. She attacks anything that is held out in the air -- tape measures, pieces of molding, sticks, and toys. She also hates anything that moves -- rakes, vacuums, lawn mowers, brooms -- she completely freaked out the one and only time she saw the treadmill belt moving! I have to separate her any time I'm doing any cleaning otherwise she's all over the swiffer, broom, etc. Thankfully I don't clean that much... :) I'm trying to desensitize her to some of this stuff, but I'm constantly finding new things she would rather didn't exist.

She **loves** to play with big dogs. She's not necessarily aggressive with littler ones, but she's all over them and won't leave them alone. She chases them incessantly and is highly aroused around them. So no little dogs with her - only big mellow dogs. She goes to daycare every Monday and is hysterical to watch. I'm going to try to get an actual picture of it, but to see this little cow stealing balls and being chased by 2 labs, a rottie, a chessie, and a ridgeback is quite the sight! She goes for other dogs' feet, though, and doesn't get stop signals in play, and so if there's another dog in the house it'll have to be ok with that and the people will have to be on top of her to take her off if the other dog's had enough. Most goldens, labs and boxers have put up with her pretty well. Actually, her bestest friend is a golden -- every time they see each other it's love! They completely ignore all the other dogs and play until they drop. Then they lazy play on the floor. Too Cute!!
I'm trying to hint that it's time for them to get a second dog... :)

Otherwise this girl is quite the ham. She sleeps downstairs on our couch -- not because we make her (she's got free roam at night and is more than welcome to sleep in our bedroom), but because this girl apparently needs her own piece of furniture to sleep on. She's just happy all the time now. She and Lucy play tug constantly (the only game Lucy knows), she loves to be chased, and this girl LOVES the water! Turn a hose on and forget it -- she's soaking wet in 2 seconds.

Training wise, she's coming along. She's got the basics down -- waits nicely for her food and at door/stairways, she sits and downs, she's getting better at leave-it and we're working on drop-it. She's a nightmare on leash -- pulls constantly so we're slowly working on that one too, although it going to take a while -- she's a determined little girl!

I have another vet appt for her at the end of August -- and have several intermediate times set up with them to bring her in just for meet and greets and lots of treats! This time, she will get a thorough exam!

So that's about it. She's an incredibly sweet, lovable, hilarious and quirky girl who is going to be very tough to say goodbye to!"

Annie did not enjoy her last vet visit, so stopping by for some treats and praise and happy talk is a good idea.

What a great update! Many thanks to Annie's family for working so hard with Miss Annie O.

The Frog Princess

Saturday, August 4


With a million dollar smile like this, we can't imagine why no one was straining every nerve to find this girl, who was picked up as a stray down in the deep South of the US. We figure she must be a wanderer from another dimension, or possibly a time-traveler who misplaced her time-machine. In any event, this young dog is a fine and feisty girl who spends a large part of her day trying to wear out her foster siblings and then claiming "King of the Mountain" status in the yard as her vanquished friends find the deepest spot of shade they can and try to get some rest before she comes after them again for yet more fun!

Here is a fabulous photo in living color of our dear foster girl, Ariel, in her favorite elevated spot. Here she can survey her lands and holdings, and keep an eye on other dogs the better to squash any potential insurrections or challenges to her supremacy. Uneasy rests the head that bears the crown, don't you know.
We hear that Ariel will soon be moving out of foster care and into the home and hearts of her forever family, and we could not be happier for her.

We feel just a little sorry for any new brother or sister she may acquire. We hope her sibling(s) are in serious physical training, but we are truly delighted for Ariel.

We like to watch our subjects from the vantage point of a raised dais, too, Ariel. Never can tell what they might be getting up to.

The Frog Princess

Friday, August 3

Hercule P!

Hercule was picked up from a shelter as a stray. He has a dreadful case of mange. He's also terribly underweight, even malnourished. He may also have hydrocephaly, judging by his domed forehead and the fact that he's a little wobbly on his pegs. His tongue hangs out a little bit, and it probably always will. Here's the latest update on him from his foster mom.

"Here he is ... smilin' Hercule P. I imagine you think the P stands for Poirot, but it really doesn't ... it stands for PEE--this boy doesn't know nothin' 'bout no housebreaking! But, all in good time. (I'm picking up some belly bands tomorrow--the little booger just peed on the floor right beside me while I typed this!)

But, take a look at that smile. He is one happy boy. I would swear he's put on a little weight already, but that could be my imagination. Even if it is, his increased energy is very much for real. I took a ton of pictures tonight and Herc is nothing but a blur in most of them.

One sweet story and then I'm off to clean up the puddle: Last night my 8 year old grandson, Simon, said he hoped when he got better Herc's tongue wouldn't hang out of the side of his mouth. I said I hoped so, too, 'cause it made him look kind of dopey. Simon was shocked and said, "Grandma! If he unde rstands you, you're going to hurt his feelings. You should just say he looks silly."

Properly scolded, I apologized. I do believe Herc has found himself a fine young champion!

Oh, the young lady in the sun dress surrounded by her admirers is my almost 2 year old granddaughter Sabrine."

We wanted to point out that Hercule's foster mom had the good taste to purchase a Garden Frenchie!

He's simply adorable. He's got a funny, Hercule-y, egg-shaped head full of little gray cells! And they are all chugging along sussing out ways of having more fun, fun, fun! He's gaining weight despite his non-stop playtime, and that's something we like to see. That mug is something else, too, admires

The Frog Princess

Jou-Jou Becoming

We just received this wonderful update on the former Beulah, now answering to the adorable moniker Jou-Jou. This is a real happy ending story for this girl. Enjoy!

"Greetings, HRM Frog Princess:

I wanted to send a few pictures of our mademoiselle Miss Jou-Jou, who has utterly transformed in the last six months (I'm pleased to see she's still up on the FBRN masthead with her tongue sticking out).

Jou-Jou is sort of like Pinocchio. She's been trying to become a real dog and I think she's finally succeeded. When we first got her, she didn't bark, didn't play, didn't chew on bones, didn't want to go outside, peed in the house, hardly ate a thing, couldn't have cared less about the cat. Each week that has passed, she's added to her repertoire of dogly behaviors and every time she's done something dog-like, I've exclaimed, Oh, my! Just like a real dog! I guess the trauma of being a canine sex-slave took its toll on the poor beastie.She now barks therapeutically as needed (especially at the imaginary monster in the basement, which she keeps at bay for us from the safety of the upper landing); chases inflatable balls around (there is no beach ball or soccer ball safe from her pathetically dull teeth); mooches food like a pro; and generally carries on just like a real dog. She even had a go at our cat Newman yesterday morning, who can easily outdistance her and regarded her with disdain and smug amusement, but still. It's a start. She's also gained almost three pounds and I'm sure any day now, she'll be classified as grievously overweight.

Also, I had to send a picture of her with the one stuffed animal that she picked out as her own. We have three young girls and the house is filled with stuffed bears, cats, dogs, bunnies, tigers, lambs -- you name it, we've got a stuffed version of it. What was the ONE stuffed animal that she picked out of all the things lying around the house? A BULL. My sister-in-law brought it back for us from Spain. I guess there's still some stray genetic material deep in her bones that tells her that this was what she was bred for. Chasing bulls. Albeit stuffed ones with big red lips.

The two other shots are of her at opposites ends of her spectrum: pummeling the daylights out of a beach ball and at repose in her pink chair. Ah, the life! It is sweet! Or so we hope. :)"

Oh, we have no doubt that Jou-Jou's life is sweet! Note the pig-in-mud delirium of her beach ball photo! Regard the relaxation of the musculature as she lounges in a chair dedicated to her own use! Espy the sweet expression on her smooshy visage as she slumbers peacefully beside her own Jou-Jou sized nemesis/friend. It's not only sweet, but also it's delightful, it's delicious, it's delectable, it's delirious, it's dilemma, it's de-limit, it's deluxe, it's delovely! croaks

The Frog Princess

Thursday, August 2

Little Eva's Locomotion

Our gorgeous Little Eva has done locomoted her way from Missouri to Virginia. Her new mom drove all the way and she and Eva had a lovely long drive to become acquainted. Upon meeting Eva, her new mom pronounced her the most adorable dog ever. Who could argue with her?

As many applicants have, Eva's new mom found that she applied for several dogs over the past year before getting a call about Eva. It was a perfect match! Eva needed to be an only dog, she wanted someone who was home all day and she likes walks. This retired teacher fit the bill in every respect.

Lucky Eva will get to visit the nearby park for socializing, exercise and all the other little things a dog likes a park for.

Remember, most folks aren't a good match for every dog. If at first you don't succeed, please don't give up. And for heaven's sake, don't buy a puppy from a pet store! pleads

The Frog Princess

Wednesday, August 1

Jersey Jack on the Road Back!

Holy Spumoni! Take a look at this gorgeous hunk of canine pulchritude, would you? This is the pitiful, bald as a billiard ball, itchy and scratchy young Jersey Jack after a few months of effective treatment for allergies. See the miracles our donors perform? Check out his faithful circle of supporters. What nice things they have to say to our boy.

Wowee. Here's a before:One of our volunteers had a chance to visit with this handsome beast last weekend, and this is what she had to say:

"I saw the lovable Mr. Jersey Jack[last weekend]. It has been about 2 months since I have seen him and I cannot tell you how wonderful he looks! A good diet and trip the allergist works wonders for sure. He now has hair growing in 90% of the places that were dry and scabby just a few months ago and his coat is gorgeous - so silky, shiny, and soft. It was wonderful to see. Alas, with his new coat also comes increased confidence - don't even think about doing anything or going anywhere without Jack, it is completely unacceptable and he will let you know!
Whoever adopts him might consider renaming him Elmer (as in the glue) or Rey (as in KING).

I have attached a few pictures of the miniature despot.

One photo is showing his preferred spot on the bed (he burrows in the pillows until he gets in the right spot), one is showing the hair growth on his chest, and one is showing his markedly improved rear end!"

Here is his ouchy backside before:

Boy, there is a really clear difference between his poor bottom in his first days with us and his bottom after a few months on a hypoallergenic diet!

Here is his backside now:

Now that's a cute little tushie!

We especially like the look on Jersey Jack's face in his boudoir photo. Clearly, The Jack of Jersey is not accustomed to having his rest interrupted by paparazzi. We understand your irritation, J. Jack. We ourselves are opposed to photo ops before we've had a chance to wash and brush up, sympathizes

The Frog Princess

Free at Last!

Twila has been so good and so patient and such a trouper during all these weeks of crate rest! This past weekend, Florida had some overcast and cool (as cool as Florida gets in summer) weather. Twila's foster mom figured it would be a good day to let Twila enjoy some belly to the grass time with a delectable chewy.

We know that today is going to be a happy day for Twila--it's her first day free of crate rest, and now she's going to be able to join the other dogs in fun and games and ordinary Frenchie frolics! You may recall that Twila's foster dad rigged her up a little round wheelie thing her first day in foster care a couple of months ago. We're in the process of trying to find Twila an official set of wheels like the one we got for Freeman (thanks to the generous donations of Freeman's fans!). If you would like to see the grinning girl from the land of the Everglades tricked out in an elegant conveyance, you can help by donating on her foster page.

Doesn't she look cute in her happy pants? One of our talented and generous volunteers makes these britches to order for our disabled dogs. She uses the most adorable fabrics. She's made overalls and Dr. Denton's for our Lucy Lou, as you may remember. We are so lucky to have such gifted and dedicated people looking out for our dogs.

In other news,Twila, Poptart, Maddy and Monki are being featured on the front page this week as part of a Bowl-a-Rama fundraiser some of our Arizona volunteers and their families are doing. Learn more about it and how to sponsor one of our girls here! The event is August 4th, so you have plenty of time to choose a foster or two for yourself to sponsor. It's way too hot in Arizona to do an outdoors fundraiser, so PACC-911 has cleverly worked out a way to bring in funds for itself by helping other rescues raise funds for themselves! Everybody wins.

Here's what one of the participants said about how the fundraiser works:
"People can donate however they want. I have one person who has pledged $1 a pin , but the rest have given a flat donation. We bowl four games, scored the regular way. I'm terrible, but my mom used to be a great bowler back in the day. I think it will be Lynne's first time bowling, and I really appreciate her joining us. My brother Dan will be the fourth bowler (my family knows better than to tell me no when rescue is involved). :)

A dog lover owns the bowling alley, and they close it for the day once a year for the bowl-a-rama. Only rescue groups will be bowling on Saturday. PAC911 hosts it and raises money by selling raffle tickets. All of the groups get to keep 100% of the money they raise. It's my first time attending, but I hear it's a lot of fun.

The local golden retriever rescue raised almost $4000 last year bowling, but I think that's shooting a little high (especially our first year). :)

We're not allowed to sell anything, but they do give us a table to decorate and put out pamphlets, etc. I'll try to get some pictures."

We will be on tenterhooks until we see those photos! You can pledge by clicking on the dog's photo and including a note on the PayPal page about how you'd like to donate--either a flat sum, or a pledge per pin, per strike, per spare, or whatever you wish. Maybe a pledge per hotdog consumed by our bowlers (veggie or not), or a pledge equal to the total shoe sizes of the bowling shoes!

We so hate to choose between these beautiful ladies. Should we pledge a dollar a strike for Poptart and a dollar for each spare picked up for Twila? Pledge to match the lowest bowling score? Pledge to match the highest? Perhaps small sponsorships for each is the way to do it, muses
The Frog Princess