Monday, July 30


This is Jolie, a 2 year old Frenchie girl. She and the car she was in, a 2007 Silver Honda Accord, were stolen July 25th from the Target at Fry Rd. and I-110.
Her owner has asked that we post her phone number and to say there is a reward:

CALL 832-545-6479

If you are in the Houston area, please keep your eyes peeled for Jolie and help get her home.

Thank you,
The Frog Princess

Caption Competition! Raja and Cody

Tiny little Raja has busted out all over, and he's a big boy now! Here he is, instructing Boston terrier Cody about something or other, under Kaspar's watchful eye. This photo is crying out for a caption. Leave yours in the comments!

The Frog Princess

Saturday, July 28

Freeman's New Wheels

"Gitcher motor runnin'
Head out on the highway!
Lookin' for adventure
And whatever comes our way!
Born to be wi-i-i-i-ld!"

Oh, yes, the spirit of the unbounded beast, born to be wild, is alive in our Freewheeling Freeman! He's got his new wheels and he is off to the races with a pretty young thing named Penny.

He rolls so hard he wore his old wheels right out, so we had a new set made for him, especially to his specs, and now he is just nothing but a danged speed demon! He's a hazard to pedestrians and a menace to the unsuspecting poultry he likes to sneak up on and send flapping and squawking into the air in a whirl of feathers, dust, spinning wheels and a great big, wicked Frenchie grin.

We are shocked to learn that Freeman has dictated an invitation to Mr. Toad for the first annual Frog and Toad Wild Ride and Road Race to be held in an undisclosed location near his foster home in Colorado. Freeman's foster sisters and brothers have stopped trying to talk sense into him and started making book, instead.

Oh, he's a terrible influence on the innocent youth around him! Thank heavens his adoption is pending, and he'll soon be zooming along in a home of his own!

Oh, these disgraceful young whippersnappers! affectionately mutters

The Frog Princess

Friday, July 27

YaYa returns!

We recently received another lovely message from the adoptive family of that stately lady of a certain age, YaYa.

You'll remember YaYa was snatched from the jaws of death or worse when she was picked up by SHARE and moved to a lovely shelter in the greater Washington D.C. area. We were delighted when the shelter agreed to let us foster and place her. She is living very well, happy and healthy with her new family, and her days as a breeder are but a dim and fading memory, we hope. We have always adored the 2 toof look with which YaYa gazes into the camera, and we always enjoy seeing her photos and hearing about her adventures. Here's her mom's note:

"Over the weekend I dog-sat for my friends again – the ones with the cockapoo (Jigsaw) that YaYa doesn’t really care for and hides her toys from.

This time she decided that each meal she was entitled to both Jigsaw’s food AND her own! She would raise her hair up on her back and move him away from his food – and then eat it. Then of course he would simply go to her bowl, but she gobbled his down and then pushed him away from her bowl. She’s never tried anything like this with Katie. She and Katie will even eat out of the same bowl at times with no aggression or bullying on either part.

YaYa and Katie don’t play much, but they certainly seem to be becoming buddies. When I get home from work, Katie greets me and of course YaYa is asleep in my room and can’t hear me. We go upstairs and I can tell Katie to go get YaYa and she will go over and nose her to wake up as if to say, “Mom’s home.”

YaYa seems to look to Katie a lot, follows her lead. .

On Father’s Day I left Katie home with Jigsaw and took just YaYa with me to visit my parents. This was YaYa’s first “solo” trip, without Katie. She did so wonderfully!! She was relaxed. She seemed so comfortable. Even my mom (who is NOT a dog lover) called me later that night and said she thought YaYa seemed so comfortable and at home, and then she said, “there’s just something about her…she’s special.”

So anyway, here are some photos of YaYa at my folk’s house. We sat out back on their porch – YaYa just roamed around and checked out the surroundings. She enjoyed their garden very much, as you can see."

You are right, Yaya. Some of those pretty flowers look good enough to eat, agrees
The Frog Princess

PS We feel it may be necessary to manifest that gorgeous collar for the royal wardrobe. We will let you know.

Thursday, July 26

Beneath Contempt

A friend sent this photoshopped image of a certain football player recently indicted for what Sen. Robert Byrd has called "dastardly and inhuman" activities.
Far be it from us to deny any American due process, and we are, naturally, hopeful that if the individual is not guilty, he will be exonerated fully and be permitted to return to his life without delay.

And if he is guilty and convicted, we hope that the full force and power of the judicial system gathers him up and punishes him to the farthest extent of its ability, including a prison term in the filthiest, most lawless, frightening, and dangerous institution the US has to offer.

So be it.
The Frog Princess

Pal Zoey

Here is our foster girl Zoe, enjoying high summer in the lovely woods of the Northeast US.

Zoe travelled all the way from Texas to Pennsylvania to study how to be less obnoxious with other dogs and people. We are also trying what we can to address her quite serious allergy problems, and we hoped a complete change of environment might mean fewer triggers.

Here we see that although Zoe is still completely uninterested in socializing with other dogs--note the set of the ears and the determined and austere stare into the distance--she is, at least, no longer seeking to separate other dogs from their vital organs. Success!

Zoe is also making friends with people and learning how to comport herself with some dignity. Her allergy symptoms, while much better, are not entirely controlled at this point, so she is heading off for some consultations with experts. Zoe is getting some top-drawer training and treatment in Pennsylvania and we have very high hopes that she'll be available for adoption before Christmas. In the meanwhile, this crazy kid is very fortunate to have landed on FBRN's doorstep, and we are very glad we were there to take her in!

You can read more about Zoe here.

The Frog Princess

Saturday, July 21


Our darling baby Bumble the Bee has found a new home! She is living like a tiny Princess with a new brother, Linc, who is growing more resigned to sharing his space with a girl. A girl like Bumble. Pity him.

Bumble's mom is working hard to keep her housetraining going, and even took mornings off last week to minimize the time our Bumble was home. Bumble now has a pretty collar to match Linc's, except it is in pink, natch!

Starting at the end of the month, Bumble will be going to private school with a trainer and her family will be learning how to overcome their biological susceptibility to the cuteness of the Bee (The big eyes and big head trip the switch in every human heart that commands instant capitulation to even the most unreasonable whim. "An extra 3 am feeding? My pleasure." "I've thrown your ball until my bursitis is killing me! Please...Don't you want a stuffie? OK, all right--ten more minutes!"). Add the twin eye patches, and you can just forget resistance. Totally futile. Professional help is needed.

We hope Bumble's family will keep us posted on her progress, and send photos as she grows. Like everyone who looked upon the Bumble's babyhood, we came, we saw, we were conquered.

The Frog Princess

Friday, July 20

How Much Are Those Frenchies in the Window?

These photos and note come from one of our volunteers who recently vacationed in beautiful Washington State. She saw these Frenchies in a window display, and wanted to show us, but she also wanted to remain anonymous, on account of she can't say where the shop is, apart from "Seattle." The name and location are lost in the mists of Puget sound memories, but perhaps some lucky Seattleite will recognize the shop or can spare some time this weekend to go in search of this terrible trio, who clearly deserve a home in a Frenchie-friendly environment and specialized care from a Frenchie-loving family.

"I was recently on vacation in Seattle and saw these Frenchies that needed rescuing from an up-scale antique store.... I don't think I could find it again without physically being there to retrace my steps (and this information is fading fast). I thought you could have fun with it. My reflection is in one (wistfully thinking that three wooden dogs would make my life complete)."

Three wooden Frenchies might not make one's life complete, but they'd go a long way toward ornamenting it properly, declares the decorating maven known as
The Frog Princess

New, Improved Reggie! Now Available in Canada!

Reggie and his new siblings: Colby, Harvey and Ellie!

A little while ago we received this message from Reggie's new mom. She's a Canadian and now Reggie is, too! We're very glad that this former member of the PA-8, a survivor of a puppy mill, has learned enough about living in a house and being a nice boy that he'll fit in well with his charming new Canuck brothers and sister.

Here is the note:

"Well, it's true: Reggie has moved to Canada and now very proudly holds dual citizenship. He has made himself right to home

and took all of a couple of minutes in getting the resident boxers to serve his every want. Reggie would likely make a very successful Premier or CEO due to his great skill in the delegating of tasks.

I suspect before long he will roost atop the leather sofa dressed in trendy striped smoking jacket whilst the boxers deliver his slippers, newspaper & pipe and whatever else tickles his wee precious fancy. Such is the life of the little man with two passports (so far!)

Many, many thanks are in order for [Reggie's foster family] who took on the job of fostering this sweet boy and for choosing Harvey Manor as Reggie's permanent residence....We couldn't be more thrilled with the little sausage: Reggie Rufus Rabbit Caldwell. [His dad] thinks he looks like a rabbit...I think he looks not unlike Mighty Mouse. :)"

We were struck by a resemblance to the Phantom of the Opera when we first saw young Reggie, but he has certainly proven himself to be a far more agreeable sort of fellow, thank goodness!

The Frog Princess

Wednesday, July 18

Separated at Birth?

FBRN has recently taken in two deaf dogs. This one is Doxie:

This one is Oswald:

Though they come from two entirely different places on the globe, they are nonetheless remarkably similar. It's nearly eerie.

doodoDOOdo, doodoDOOdo,
The Frog Princess

Sunday, July 15

"The Yellow Wallpaper"

Remember that short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, "The Yellow Wallpaper?" Aimee reminds us of the character in that story, who has retreated far into her own mind. Here are some photos of our girl Aimee. Aimee was confiscated 2 years ago by the State of Missouri when the puppy mill from which she was liberated was shut down in a rare show of gumption from a government agency in a state where puppy mills bring in lots of money. Imagine how abysmal the conditions must have been to prompt a shutdown.

FBRN asked one of our volunteer families to take these dogs to foster, but after several months in the foster home, it became clear that these dogs had been too long in horrifying conditions without adequate human companionship or socializing. They were given permission to adopt the dogs.

Earlier this year, the male passed away, and then recently the family suffered another sad loss, and they asked us to take Aimee from them and find her another home.

Aimee is very shy, still, and fearful of noise and distrustful of human activity. Men still frighten her. She will probably never be quite right. It is our hope that we can find a quiet home for her, with a single woman, perhaps, where she can live out her life in peace. As you can see, she gets along fine with kitties and house bunnies, and she might do all right with a very easy going dog who will leave Aimee to herself.

If you know of anyone in the market for a dog that has literally been through the mill, let her know that Aimee may be coming up for adoption.

Poor old girl just wants a sunny spot in the morning, a shady spot in the afternoon, a few good things to eat and a comfy bed at night.

That's not too much to ask, believes
The Frog Princess

Garden Frenchies Pitch Two!

The Frog Princess has, from time to time, been accused of a certain tendency toward wordiness and pedantry. No, no--It's true--we have heard this. We receive these constructive criticisms with grace and humility and from time to time we occasionally attempt to curb some of these unappealing habits.
However, at the risk of adding "engages in the annoying hard-sell" to our growing list of personal shortcomings, we would like to bring your attention once more to a handsome and useful garden ornament--the handmade garden Frenchie available at the shopping mall on the FBRN website.

One foot tall and made of concrete, the Garden Frenchie will help to repel kitties with poor eyesight and birds of a nervous and undiscerning nature. Naturally, you will wish to set your Garden Frenchie well back from any sidewalk where it might be susceptible to receiving the insults of some passing labradoodle or buggle.

You know how they can be, warns
The Frog Princess

Saturday, July 14

The Chi-Lites "Have You Seen Her?" Featuring Poptart

For many of us who came of age during a certain time, the songs we heard on our AM radios have a place so entrenched in our memories that they make up a sort of iTunes library of musical references. When we received these photos of Poptart, aka the Devil with a Blue Dress, the lyrics to The Chi-Lites classic "Have You Seen Her" popped up like a hot toaster pastry from the dim catacombs of our far-off misspent youth.

One month ago today
I was happy as a lark
But now I go for walks
To the movies - maybe to the park

And have a seat on the same old bench
To watch the children play (huh)
You know, tomorrow is their future
But to me, just another day

They all gather around me
They seem to know my name
We laugh, tell a few jokes
But it still doesn't ease my pain

I know I can't hide from a memory
'Though day after day I've tried
I keep sayin' she'll be back
But today again I lied

Oh, I see her face everywhere I go
On the street, and even at the picture show
Have you seen her?
Tell me, have you seen her?

Oh, I hear her voice as the cold winds blow
In the sweet music on my radio
Have you seen her?
Tell me, have you seen her?

Why, oh, why
Did she have to leave and go away (oh, yeah)

Oh-oh-oh, I've been used to havin' someone to lean on
And I'm lost
Baby, I'm lost (Oh)

Oh, she left her kiss upon my lips
But left that break within my heart
Have you seen her?
Tell me, have you seen her?

Oh, I see her hand reaching out to me
Only she can set me free
Have you seen her?
Tell me, have you seen her?

As another day comes to an end
I'm lookin' for a letter or somethin'
Anything that she would send
With all the people I know
I'm still a lonely man
You know, it's funny
I thought I had her in the palm of my hand

Have you seen her
Tell me, have you seen her (tell me, have you seen her?)"

You can see more of Lady Poptart when she becomes available for adoption. Meanwhile, good luck getting The Chi-Lites out of your ear, smirks

The Frog Princess

Friday, July 13

A Recipe for Happiness by Queenie

On the Eve of Bastille Day, we bring you our Queenie's Recipe for Summer Happiness. Queenie, you may recall, is our dethroned regal friend, who has been at summer camp for a little while. It's really kind of a Boot Camp for Royals, and she has been learning how to pass among the little people without giving offense and follow the ways of the hoi polloi without giving away the secret of her Royal Birth! It doesn't pay these days to thumb one's nose at the rules of the bourgeoisie, as a certain wealthy and infamous blonde learned earlier this summer. Queenie took a lesson! Rather than airily instruct her aides to let the folks "eat cake," Queenie decided to share a little recipe she learned way back when she was but a pup, slumming in the castle kitchen, listening to servants' gossip.

And now, here is Mme. La Queenie, attempting to speak to you in the vernacular, as she learned it from watching television after long days in the pursuit of health and a more libertarian, egalitarian, fraternitarian attitude toward those with whom she must share her world:

"Hi Peeps,
Here's my fave ice cream mix for those hot summer days:
1 squishy banana, a few strawberries or blueberries or bit of Mango (I loves em all)
1 big carton of organic low fat plain yogurt ( Mom says there's sugar in the flavours)
Jar of natural (no sugar) peanut butter

So you throw everything but the peanut butter in the blender and hit it with your paw for just a few (gawd, I am dribblin' on the keys), then pour it into a bowl and swirl some peanut butter in sloooowly (licking the spoon after).

All you have to do then is spoon it into the ice cube tray or an empty plastic egg carton, put in the freezer, take a nap and Bingo.........magic ice cream treats for meeee!

throw the stuff in and put the lid on......

hit the switch ( keeping tongue outside the blender)

Oh boy - I can hardly be waiting


Love, Queenie"

As you prepare this tasty and healthy treat, we hope you will consider singing the French national anthem, "La Marseillaise" All together, now:
"Allons enfants de la Patrie,
le jour de gloire est arrive!"

Da-dum-da Dum Dum Dum Dum DAH-da Dum, Da-dum da Dah Dah, Dum-da DUM! hums

La Princesse Grenouille

Wednesday, July 11

Rest in Peace

Following his appointment with the oncologist and after receiving more information and another update on Churchill's condition, the Board of Directors made the unanimous decision to let Churchill go. In just the past few days since the steroids have ceased to work, Churchill's condition has worsened to the point that the Board did not believe he could survive the four weeks it would take before the chemotherapy might begin to show results.

Meanwhile, his skin would continue to crack, deep rivers of fluid would continue to form in "tracks" through his flesh, more tumors would appear and the tumors present would grow, and his coat would continue to peel away each time his bandages or wrappings were removed or he rose from wherever he'd been resting. In just a few days his condition deteriorated so much that descriptions from two board members who'd seen him were inadequate to prepare us for the photos you can see here, if you choose to. We hope you won't, because they are hard to look at, but if you have any question that the Board acted hastily, you will understand that if these changes occurred over just a few days, there was little hope that Churchill could survive until the chemotherapy could do its work.

Once again, we offer our profound and lasting gratitude to everyone who was touched by Churchill's story. Every volunteer feels this loss so keenly, and we are terribly disappointed and resentful that we couldn't give him more time, and that--despite having enough money, enough connections, enough energy, will, and desire to help--we were ourselves helpless in the face of his disease.

Disappointed and heartsick as we are, we can still feel pride and satisfaction that Churchill's last weeks were happy. His foster mom says he had developed a bit of a kick in his step again, that before this last few days he was clearly enjoying his food, and he was thrilled to be in the company of his boys. We offer our thanks to his friends, who spent time with him and took him for a car ride and fed him a cheeseburger and some ice cream and then were able to hold him and, with loving words in his ears and gentle caresses on his tired, sick and worn out body, send him to the Bridge to be whole and well and sleek again.

We won't forget Churchill. We know you won't, either.

The Frog Princess

Monday, July 9

Churchill: What the Oncologist Said

Churchill had his appointment with the veterinary oncologist today. He is not doing well, as it seems the steroids' effects, which had been keeping the tumors a little controlled and had improved the texture and appearance of the skin, have been overcome by the rapaciousness of this very fast-growing cancer. The oncologist repeated what has come to make us feel a little crazy--that if it had been caught in time, the cancer might have been put in remission. However, we are dealing with a different outcome, and we are going to do our best to handle it with wisdom and compassion. One of our Texas volunteers took Churchill in for the foster family, who had to work today. Here is the note she sent us:

"I took Churchill to the oncologist this morning. The overall prognosis is not good, but there is some hope. The doc cited a couple of recent studies on oral chemotherapy that have a 78-83% chance of having at least some improvement. The bad news is that the average time that the positive results continue is about 3 months.
I am going to drop him off tomorrow morning for his first round of chemo, and we'll see what happens. They will run bloodwork tomorrow and then in 7 and 14 days follow-up bloodwork will be done at his regular vet to measure his white cell count, etc. This will allow them to adjust any future doses of chemo, if they are advisable. If there is no improvement, his white cell count tanks, or he gets worse, then we are not left with many options. If the chemo is successful, he could have
several months of reasonably happy life without undue suffering." [Note: Side effects could include nausea, diarrhea, lethargy. If it worked, the chemo would slow the tumors' growth, allow the tumors to heal over and the skin's appearance to improve, much as the steroid treatment worked.--FP]

"[When Churchill's foster mom met] me yesterday, a lady stopped her car almost immediately and jumped out--Churchill's mom and I looked at each other and thought we were about to get yelled at by this the very least. Instead, she told us that she had 2 frenchies at home herself and when told Church's story was very sweet. After she got back in her car, her young daughter ran over to us and said "This is from my mom!" and handed us a $5 bill and thanked us for helping him. This little guy touches people where ever he goes. :)

Church is a sweet dog. He was a champ for his exam and was very affectionate with the doctor and nurse.

Poor baby. We're going to give him a chance for as long as it is fair to him to do so."

FBRN's Board of Directors will be getting a more detailed and clinical report from the oncologist and a status report from Churchill's foster mom. We know his tumors are growing, that his skin is continuing to crack and ooze where the tumors are growing, and that it is too late to try any kind of surgery or radiation therapy for Churchill. On the other hand, his pain is under good control, he is cheerful and affectionate, and he is having fun getting out and about to the vet's and riding in the car and playing with the dogs and the children in his foster home. We trust the Board will discuss at length what is best for Churchill and how to make his remaining time as comfortable and happy as it can possibly be. Thanks to our donors and supporters, lack of money will not play any role in the decision, and we thank you sincerely for that freedom.

We'll continue to post updates as we get them. Thank you for keeping Churchill in your thoughts.

The Frog Princess

Sunday, July 8

Magda/Michelle Makes It Home

Magda was found wandering in Southern Florida. The Good Samaritan who found her made posters and went online to try to locate her family, but had no response. She decided to turn Magda over to us. We received this healthy and playful girl happily and fostered her for several weeks.

Shortly before Magda was placed on our page as available for adoption, we got this note from her foster mom, detailing symptoms of what, in retrospect, we might read as signs of homesickness:

"She is very, very sweet. Still timid & submissive but not shaking like a leaf all the time like she did when she first came to us. She knows how to sit - still doesn't respond to her name or come. She likes to go off by herself and just sit - it's kind of weird. We have to keep the bedroom door shut or she will go in there and disappear.

She loves to eat - very food motivated. Has a beautiful sleek black coat and very dainty legs. She lays on the couch with us at night while we watch tv. She has no issues with our dogs.

She would do well with other dogs - especially young ones who want to run and play.

We wonder what happened to her, how she ended up on the street. Some one must have loved her very much."

It was an insightful statement, and it was true: her people did love her very much. In time we learned that Magda, whose real name is Michelle, escaped from her home with another dog one day. Though her companion returned home, Michelle did not. Her family searched for her, but they didn't know to check or advertise on the Internet "lost and found dog" resources like the Yahoo K9 Amber Alert list, and they didn't come across the ads and posters the Good Samaritan put up. Then one day they took their remaining dog to the vet--and in the vet's office, they saw a poster advertising Michelle as a "Found Dog."

When they anxiously got in touch with the Good Samaritan, almost three months after Michelle went missing, they were directed to us, and, after they provided indisputable proof of ownership, Michelle and her family were reunited. Trust us, there was not a dry eye in the house!

Her foster mom says, "Here is Michelle and her owner John as he held her for the first time in almost 3 months. I love the look on her face here....she's saying 'look at me, I've found my Daddy!!'"

Mostly we hear sad stories about families breaking up or children with allergies or wicked landlords who won't permit pets and the tears we see are tears of grief and loss when families must surrender their beloved Frenchies. How rare and wonderful to see tears of joy and to be able to return a girl to her loving family! Michelle is now microchipped, so if she is ever found exploring the sandy roads of her neighborhood again, she won't have to wait quite so long to go home.

Wow, Michelle! What a long, strange trip it's been! marvels
The Frog Princess


This week, our lovely Maddy is the website's cover dog.
We wanted to bring her to our readers' attention once more, as she is not getting the number of applications we'd like. We worry that we may have frightened people off with the facts of her health condition and not stressed enough the wonderful, playful, classically Frenchie aspects of Maddy.

Here is a note from Maddy's loving foster mom, who knows her better than anyone:
"Maddy is such a good girl. She loves everyone and everything she comes in contact with. She's as sweet as sugar, playful, happy, comical and the greatest snuggle frog I have met.

"Please don't let her medical condition scare you. Whether you have 2 years or 9 years with her, she will make every minute of your time together so, so special. The love she gives is such a blessing and her heart is solid gold. We all have flaws, so don't let this little girl wait for a home because she has a flaw or two. She deserves to have what we all want, a place to call home."

Please, if you have a place in your heart and room in your home for a loving, eager-to-please, mostly healthy and sweet-natured girl, apply for Maddy and share your life and gifts with her. She'll do the same for you. You can read all about Maddy here.

The Frog Princess

Wednesday, July 4

Garden Frenchies! Get 'em while they're hot!

The New York Public Library's portals are guarded by the famous lions, Patience and Fortitude. Hell has its Three Headed Monster, Cerberus. The Cathedral of Notre Dame has its gargoyles. Your neighbors have those odd little gnomes standing watch over the petunias. There's something missing from your landscaping.

It's FBRN's Garden Frenchie!

Give the neighbors an eyeful of your favorite flavor of Frog. We've got your Brindle, your Gray, your Cream, your Brown, your Pied--You could have one of each for every corner of the house, plus a couple to flank the front walk.

It's not enough to have a living, breathing Frenchie dogging your every move as you wander through the house. Advertise your love of the breed and beautify your lawn
and garden at the same time.

These Frenchies are handmade by one of our volunteers--and heaven knows our volunteers need all the help they can get keeping themselves out of trouble! Idle hands are the devil's own tools and all that. Consider your order a double good deed, once for the benefit of friends and neighbors who will enjoy the sight of a handsome piece of statuary, and once for the benefit of our volunteer, who will feel
gratified and useful and will have the opportunity to exercise his creative gifts.

See there? Buying one of our Garden Frenchies is absolutely not simply more evidence of an obsession with all things French Bulldog. Acquiring a Garden Frenchie is positively an act of philanthropy.

It's what we ourselves would do, were we permitted a PayPal account, confides

The Frog Princess