Wednesday, June 7

"What a difference a day makes, 24 little hours..."

Candie Kisses is a new foster girl, surrendered to FBRN after her owners divorced. At 8 years old, she was clearly upset and unhappy to be in a strange place. Below, Candie's foster mom describes her first days in her home.

When Candie came to us on Friday night, she was a confused, traumatized, very sad little dog. She barked, growled and ran around (in the mudroom which was ready for her arrival) like a banshee. I knew this had to be because of everything she had been through in the very recent past. Her world was turned completely upside down. Finally, she fell asleep to 5 soothing CDs, while lavender oil was rubbed on her chest and tummy until she finally snored. That was such a pleasant sound to my ears!

Saturday gave me more time to examine sweet Candie. She does not like to be crated. Her muzzle was very swollen, very red and with rashes and blisters around it probably from trying to get out of the crate. She wouldn't eat her food--I'm slowly weaning her off it by adding some of Abby's holistic food. I scambled 3 eggs and each dog got one on top of their food (it's a weekend ritual). Hells bells, Candie snorfed the entire thing down in a matter of seconds! Then, she had some quiet time to get used to the smells and sounds. When we returned, she was soooooo happy to see me; made those sweet, happy sounds and had a huge smile on her face!

We went outside, blew bubbles and just checked out this new and strange place.
Candie is food aggressive and tends to be a little jealous. She knows "come", will have absolutely nothing to do with "sit," and, strangely, doesn't respond to her name. We're working on that, though, as well as the jealousy thing. I'm not sure if she's had any toys, she still hasn't played with hers. If our young Frenchie Abby tries any harder, I'm sure her brains will come out of those huge frenchie ears: she gets her toys, brings them to Candie and shakes and shakes and shakes them at her. No response. She hasn't had anything to do with her nylabones either. In addition, she has single-handedly protected us all from the dreaded vaccum cleaner. There are teeth marks to prove it. Hair dryers aren't her favorite either. Candie, our protector!

Candie has a vet appointment on Saturday. She needs ALL of her shots, fecal, everything. She also needs a complete wash and wax job--total detailing--ears, teeth, bath, nails: the whole enchilada. Beneath her eyes, on the wrinkles on her face, there is some caked-on, hard, goopy crud. I took a warm, moist cotton ball and cleaned some of it yesterday. It'll take several more tries; it's brown and yukky. I checked to see if there were any cuts and such, nope, just crud. She didn't flinch, just laid there and let me clean her face. Bath, nails, etc., will come slowly--one traumatic experience at a time. Comparing the swelling around her face and the redness to Friday nite, I see a marked difference. I'm just cleaning it 2x a day and putting some salve. She tries to lick it off but most of it stays on.

Candie is taking in all the country sounds and smells and LOVING it.
Saturday nite, Lynn (my hubby) and I relaxed in the great room and watched some t.v. with some rather potent elixir while all 3 girls slept and snored. Abby and Candie did what frenchies do best: pass some LETHAL gas.

The long and short of it is that Candie is an absolute sweetheart, who is finally starting to make the familiar, happy frenchie sounds. I think she's figured out that she's safe and loved.

In other news, we hereby demand and require that soothing bedtime music, scrambled eggs and lavender oil massages be adopted as daily rituals in the life of
The Frog Princess

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