Tuesday, June 13


As you know, Frenchies are very susceptible to heat, so lots of our dogs like to cool off in a pool. Unfortunately, Frenchies aren't a bit buoyant, so it's important to make sure they have their flotation devices on anytime they are near water that could be over their heads. We asked our FBRN adopters to send in photos of their babies cooling off in and near the water, as a way of reminding folks that it's important to keep your Frenchies cool, and also to keep them safe if they are near deep water.

Cosette and Handsome Jack in the hottub waiting for champagne and cheesy crackers.

FBRN's bikini babe! That's Lola, a dog we knew when she was a puppy. She's all grown up now!

"Mama! Mama! Watch me!" On land, her backlegs are a little out of order. In the tub, she's a little tugboat. Boop, boop! Here comes Babycakes!

Brutty at the beach, looking for a fishy friend!

Oo! That physique! This is Cooper, getting ready to take his shift on lifeguard duty. "TWEEEEEET! Everybody outta da pool! Heh heh!" Oh, that Cooper!

Here's Laura on Christmas break in Florida, keeping an eye on the young 'uns.

Babycakes again! Cause everybody needs more cake!

BooBoo and Baby Ella go bottoms up! Rubber duckie better watch out!

Handsome Jack in Florida practices his alligator lurk:

Here is our philosopher, Bud E. Love, meditating on imponderable existential questions. Or maybe where he left his binkie.

And finally, here's Valentine, chasing that sassy sprinkler all over the lawn!

Enjoy the summer fun and be safe in and near the water! Kerplop! goes
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Ah...floating frenchies.
I can't tell you how happy I am that FBRN now has a blog. Its my first stop everyday. Thank you for making me do even less work! :)