Friday, June 9

Quiche 19 August 1997-13 April 2006

FBRN takes in all kinds of Frenchies. From the ragged to the royal, the darling to the demonic, we don't discriminate. Ordinarily, our foster parents who want to adopt a healthy young Frenchie must go through the same application process as any other applicant. However, in the case of elderly, chronically ill or temperamentally touchy Frenchies, we allow foster families to adopt their foster Frenchie without a formal application process. Such was the case with precious Quiche, who came to FBRN with such a constellation of problems we had a hard time placing her. Quiche passed away in April and her mom wrote a note to tell us about life with Quiche: a wonderful, loving, funny "bad" dog.

We take our dogs with us to family picnics at my parents' house almost every weekend in the summer. The first time we brought Quiche, we were afraid that someone might try to pet her, so we put up the sign. I think everyone was afraid of her anyway, but it just made the picture!
We adopted Quiche from FBRN in March, 2005, after fostering her for more than a year. She just had so many health issues and a not so nice temperament that we just thought she would be happier to stay with us than to make her go to a new home.
She was a real challenge at first but actually turned into a very loving dog (only to me) after a month or so. She would make the awfullest noises when I would leave the house without her. My neighbors actually came over to our house and asked my husband if he needed an ambulance because it sounded like someone was really hurt. My husband told them no, that it was just one of our dogs!

I miss her funny, crooked face!

How fortunate our Frenchies are. Even those who seem unplaceable find homes among our supporters and volunteers. Thank you, Sherry, for making Quiche's last years loving and happy. Godspeed to you, dear Quiche! Save a shady spot at the Rainbow Bridge for
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Real men adopt Quiche. Bless her heart she looks like a sweet ole thing. I'm glad she had understanding parents with a sense of humor. And unconditional love, to boot.