Monday, June 19

A Note of Appreciation from Gorby and his Mom

Earlier this month, we received a lovely, unsolicited testimonial extolling the virtues of one of our volunteers, Cassy Peterson. Cassy adopted Cooper, the world's most photogenic French Bulldog, a couple of years ago from FBRN, and she spent better than a year rehabilitating Roscoe the Younger, now called Rascal. Cassy was instrumental in rescuing and supporting the NC10 and their foster families, and is one of the NC state contacts. She is a talented painter, and you'll find some of her artwork for sale on the Cafe Press. Cassy went to bat to save Gorby's life, fostering him, finding him a trainer, and holding out for an adopter who would not let Gorby's displays of ferocious nonsense put her off. Cassy found a home for Gorby where he is adored, warts and all.

Not that there's anything wrong with warts, says
The Frog Princess

I am writing this letter to show my appreciation for Cassy Peterson, a FBRN volunteer in North Carolina. I have recently adopted Gorby! I'm sure anyone who visits the FBRN website has read Gorby's story and updates and seen various pictures of Gorby. I knew that adopting Gorby was going to be a constant challenge. I definitely would have had a much harder journey with Gorby if it wasn't for Cassy I have been in contact with Cassy since the first phone call discussing the possibility of adopting Gorby. Since that phone call, Cassy and I drove over two hours to meet Gorby, spend time in the Vet's office to get Gorby back to health, spent several hours on the phone still trying to find a suitable trainer in the Wilmington area and discussing Gorby's antics, and most recently a visit by Cassy to Gorby's new house. Cassy took the time out of her busy schedule on a holiday weekend to come see Gorby and to convince me that Gorby did love being around other dogs.
However, I was skeptical due to the advice I'd gotten from previous trainers. Cassy brought Twiggy and Cooper to see Gorby. I was very nervous, but the minute that Gorby saw Twiggy and Cooper, they were all running around the back yard playing. I was so happy to actually see Gorby that happy. Once again, Cassy was right. I am now determined that after some more dominance training, that Gorby will have playmate from FBRN.

Cassy Peterson has repeatedly gone out of her way to ensure Gorby's well-being and to help me with Gorby's adjustment to his new life and home. FBRN should be proud to have a volunteer like Cassy who has dedicated so much of her time to make sure that the rescued Frenchies will have a safe, healthy, and loving environment to live in, as well as helping the adoptive parents, so that the transition into the new home for the Frenchies is easy. THANK YOU SO MUCH CASSY-I COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT YOU.
Tera & Gorby

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