Wednesday, June 21

FBRN grads excel in obedience!

Gilbert is a puppy mill survivor and miracle boy who moved out of the frying pan and into the fire. He was pulled from a Wisconsin puppy mill by another breed rescue, only to be consigned to a life of neglect under a backyard porch, winter and summer in the weather extremes of Wisconsin. To this day, poor Gilbert's eartips go bald in cold weather: a yearly reminder of frostbite and his unlikely and incredible survival in subzero temps.
When he first came to FBRN, Gilbert was very shy and nervous, but he is now a funny little toad! Though he crouches a bit when someone leans down to pet him or pick him up, he's come a long way from the early days of his fostering. Now, he loves nothing more that to give kisses and cuddle up on his back tucked in the crook of his dad's arm. He was adopted in Feb., 2004.

Nikko's 19 year-old owner just didn't have time for him. Nikko was spending 15 hours a day in his crate. His knee required surgery, but his owner couldn't afford it. Nikko has a mild congenital heart condition, too, so he won't be trained in agility. His mom is a vet whose clinic did the surgery and she has taken over his post-surgery rehab. He was adopted in the fall of 2004. In May we got a note from Nikko and Gilbert's mom, letting us know that Nikko and Gilbert are excelling in rally obedience! Here's her news:

Nikko and Bella attended trials in St. Louis the first weekend of this month. Nikko finished his Rally Advanced title that weekend, and then earned his first Excellent leg. Nikko, and Gilbert attended APDT Rally-O trials the third weekend of this month. APDT tests are a lot longer and more difficult than AKC trials. Little Gilbert flew through his AKC Rally Novice title in three straight trials, but these APDT tests were more than his little insecure self could do. Anyway, we will soon finish that title when he's ready.
Nikko braved the 90+ heat this past weekend in Bloomington IL, and I am proud to report Nikko finished his Rally Excellent title on Saturday.
He has qualified in every obedience trial for his CD and every Rally trial for his RN, RA, and RE...all since February of this year! This rescue boy has been busy!
If you attend the National Specialty in TN this summer, look for Nikko and Gilbert and their sister Bella in the Parade of Rescues!

Those ribbons are very pretty, and we are duly impressed with the accomplishments of our Frenchie kin. However, we worry that these two boys' accomplishments will set up dangerous expectations. We are hereby warning readers of this blog not to seek equivalent performances in their own darling Frenchies. These two boys have a, dare we say, freakish ability and eagerness to pay attention and to obey the irrational and peculiar commands of humanity. Most Frenchies are unlikely to gratify the whims of their people, and we'd hate to see our dear ones disappointed. Be satisfied with the happy, blissful, ignorant little soul who sleeps so sweetly at your feet. It's better that way for all concerned, suggests
The Frog Princess

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