Saturday, June 17

Unhappy Camper

Poor, poor Clover. Dewey (formerly FBRN's Tucker) and Meadow (formerly our Moulin Rouge) are moving in on Clover's territory and she has a few remarks to make about the situation. Not only is she outnumbered by these pied punks, they can't be bothered to use enough product to keep their dang ears up! A disgrace to Frenchiehood.
Meadow ( on the right) has only recently recovered from a very nasty infection that had her down and out for months. As soon as the vet gave her the go, her new Dad shot like an arrow from the bow, skimming over field and forest, stream and mountain to fetch her home with him. As you can see, Meadow is a very curious girl, mighty interested in her new surroundings and unfazed by Clover's opinion. Dewey is looking with a calm and spiritual patience toward the kitchen, whence cometh his supper.

Yes, the life of a Frenchie is fraught with the constant danger that one's person will decide that having one of us is so wonderful that surely two or three will cause an exponential rise in opportunities for pants-wetting, near fatal levels of wheezing, gut-busting hilarity. But, dear Clover, think of this: though you may have fewer laps to choose from and someone else may get to the best ray of sunshine first, on the plus side of a multi-Frenchie household is treats that don't get a chance to become stale and others on whom to blame any little social faux pas that may occur. And always remember, it could have been far worse: they might have brought home a c*t!

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say how much I love this blog. I cannot get enough of all these adorable frenchies! I don't know if the frog princess grants wishes, but I would love to see a feature on Joey One Eye.