Thursday, June 8

Puppy news!

We received a note from the puppies' foster mom recently and wanted to share some photos with you. Compare the puppy on the palm of the hand to last week's puppy on the palm: these puppies are not likely to be petite! Grandma writes:

The remaining two closed-eye puppies opened their eyes last night. Oh, what an experience! They blinked, then looked up at Grandma (me) in awe, then went to sleep. I wanted to say "No, wait, open them again. Look at me again with that look of all is well with the world for Grandma being here." We humans have so much to learn about what we need from others, when beings so helpless merely need to know that you are there.

Last night Lillie was a tired Mommy; she came out and licked Murpheee trying to coax him to take over. He looked up at me with those big eyes as if to say, "Please, Mommy, tell her I'm not sposed' to haf to do dis". She wouldn't let up, so Murpheee settled for sitting next to the pen, then Lillie went back in to nurse. I lay down on the floor with the "REAL" baby (Murpheee) and rubbed his tummy while listening to the symphony of suckling sounds emanating from the whelping box nearby. Karen

Murphee, Murphee, Murphee. What a good man you are. We think you are just a Georgia peach to give those babies and that good mamma such loving encouragement and manly support.
Meanwhile, do you see those shiny little paw pads on that puppy's feet? Tiny, wee, little, tender, shiny patent leather paw pads. No matter how many pedicures we endure, we will never see paw pads like that again. Paw pads like that are wasted on the young, in the wistful and envious opinion of
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

The puppies are so cute & growing so fast. I love this blog.I love the puppies & following their progress. I love Murphee & I love the Frog Princess.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog too and I check it daily! Frog Princess, you are doing a great job! And good luck to the puppies and all of the Frenchies in FBRN's care!

Anonymous said...

Lillie is so PRETTY!!