Friday, June 16


In December, a very sweet little Frenchie waif packed her considerable luggage and made the move from Northern California to Portland. She was not getting along with the labs in her home, and at 2 years old, she was working on her 4th home, through no fault of her own. In fact, her owner was heartbroken to give her up, and all the swag Tiny brought with her was evidence that this was a very loved dog.
Foster parents TJ and Steph worked very hard with Tiny, who had once been named Rustie. They introduced her to a training program during which she earned each privilege she received, and before long, Tiny/Rustie was responding very well to commands. Always a very affectionate girl, she was even happier when she had a consistent set of expectations. She was also getting along well with the basenjis in the foster home! Steph and TJ were surprised and delighted to watch the changes happening when they persevered
in the training program, and to see the progress Tiny was making.
Though she was first thought to require a home where she was an only dog, Tiny's new training made her a good candidate for a multi-dog home, so Steph and TJ decided to apply for her when she was available. The applications crew approved them and this loving girl's fourth home is, knock on wood and God willing, her last home. Rustie's name is now Lulu, and she is a Daddy's girl. The basenjis she once feared and competed with are now her pals.

Lulu's is another success story we are happy to catch up on. With fourteen dogs in review on the website, FBRN is looking forward to bringing you more tales of happy dogs and families very soon.
Until the dogs are in their new homes we will continue to admire the applications crew's dedication and marvel at their willingness to work so very hard, even when the flowers are blooming and the empty hammock gently calls, says the infamously indolent
Frog Princess

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