Thursday, June 15

Carolina and Gizmo

Margaret tells a tale of two fosters, Carolina and Gizmo:

Carolina and Gizmo are great, and Giz continues to be the healthy, happy boy we received. We are working on crate training since he and Caro instigated it by both of them wanting to crowd into her crate together.
That was clown-car funny. We got the giant crate out and left it open for them to pile in there. Now, Giz has the giant crate and Caro is back to the medium one. I wouldn't say he is crate trained yet. To me, that means he goes in when asked. You do have to place him in there, but he only sounds pitiful for a few minutes or less now, not all night like when he first arrived.

Giz is very energetic and would probably enjoy agility training at his forever home, given the opportunity. He can clear a 4' barrier if HE wants to. We had the entry to the living room blocked off while we had company and he sailed over that thing like a bird. Didn't even touch the barrier. With that said, he has only done it twice, when he felt left out, and even then only after extensive whimpering and begging. You just don't come over here if hair, paw prints and a bit of drool offend your senses.
Carolina is making wonderful progress. She has accepted Giz and they stay in the kitchen together. She is still chewing on paper (any idea how much confetti a 12 pack of toilet paper makes?) and cardboard despite having chewies, toys and rope pulls. She just doesn't have a clue what to do with them. So, we just keep the bathroom door closed...

We haven't had any aggressive incidents toward the corgi or Giz in weeks. No food, crate or toy aggression at all toward people since she arrived. She is alpha, but she isn't too excited by anything. In fact, she has become pretty sedate. When she arrived she was agitated, but I now think she was just too unsettled by all the changes and hyper about them.

These two don't need me any more.They are more than ready to go to their forever homes. Sort of like when my human kids finally moved out on their own for good--I was there, and knew I had given them all the tools I had to give. It was time for them to try them out. Whatever was I thinking?

My heart hopes FBRN is getting lots of applications from wonderful families for these two. They deserve every bit of happiness they can get. I will be so happy for them when they find that forever haven.

Gizmo is in review on the FBRN website, but Carolina is available for adoption. We share Margaret's hope that these very good dogs find their families soon. After all, nothing could be finer than to be with Carolina in the mah-ah-ahrnin'! Or any other time of the livelong day, adds
The Frog Princess

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