Tuesday, June 6

Happy 8th Birthday, Ginger Rogers!

We received this lovely note from Ginger Rogers' mom the other day. Enjoy!

Today we celebrate Ginger's birthday.I'm sure it's not the day she was born, but it's the anniversary of the day she arrived at our home. Ginger is one of the Deli Dozen, twelve Frenchies surrendered by their owner when she was no longer able to give them the care they deserved. On June 6, 2003, Ginger hitched a ride from Delaware to New York courtesy of a professional dog show handler named Chris and a guardian angel named Suzanne. Ginger was the last of the Deli Dozen to find a foster home, and Ruthie Chiger suggested she be sent my way.

Three years later, Ginger is still here with us. There have been many medical issues along the way, but maintaining her health has always been a top priority. Her behavior has mellowed a bit, but she still enjoys intimidating any newcomer, two- or four-footed, that may stop by the house.
What Ginger has brought to my life is the true gift. She is my best buddy and companion, following me everywhere. I have to always be on alert as to where she is, because she is usually right next to me and I could step on her if I'm not careful. In a room full of people she sees only me and watches my every movement.

During dinner one night, she sat up and waved her front paws at us, and we laughed out loud. The more we laughed, the harder she waved, and that has become her "trick". Whenever food is around, you can bet she is sitting up and waving for some goodies. Ginger can entertain a crowd with her waving, and the folks from the NE Social 2005 can attest to that.

I love this little dog dearly and will always be thankful to FBRN for being there to rescue the Deli Dozen and especially to Ruthie for sending Ginger my way. She is the last face I see at night and the first I see in the morning, and I would have it no other way.


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful success story!!

Anonymous said...

Okay - Shortstack is one of my obsessions. Ginger Rogers is another one (can Simple Teddy be far behind?)

Can you please please post the picture of Ginger Rogers in her tiger suit? It's a slayer.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos, Frog Princess, where'd you learn to html like that?


Darla and Spanky said...

Happy Birthday Ginger! Looking good, baby!