Wednesday, June 28

Time for a Ball!

It's about time the Kingdom enjoyed a ball. Unfortunately, times being what they are and the Royal Exchequer being a bit less than overflowing with pearls, gold and jewels, we must have a ball with a ball with a bounce, instead of a ball with a boogie.

And who better to model some moves than our dear Roscoe the Elder? This guy was a martyr to arthritis a few months ago, but with the addition of some supplements to his diet, he is batting around the backyard with the best of the boys.

Naturally, a bulldog of a certain age can only bound and bark and dribble for a limited time before the buzzer blows and the bliss of restful ease beckons. Sweet dreams, Roscoe, from
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

I come and cry almost daily for I had to let my little guy go last March. I miss him so! I'm sure all dogs are special, but I have had many dogs in my life, but nothing as special as my special brindle Frenchie!