Sunday, June 4


Mama Lillie has developed into an adept and conscientious mom. She's doing a great job keeping an eye on the puppies, whose eyes should be opening any day now. Even very young puppies are exhausting, as anyone who has ever watched a batch of wriggling little succubi or had a child of their own can attest. You wouldn't think they'd be that much trouble, all blind and unsteady on their pegs as they are. But they are demanding little things, and a number of their parts are surprisingly pointy. Sure, those teeth don't look all that sharp, and those claws are so wee and cute it's hard to imagine that they'd be painful. But any mom can tell you, they are painful. And those dang puppies are nearly always hungry.

So, though Mama Lillie is as good a mother as you could expect, every once in a while she takes a little break. She staggers off to give the old milkbar a rest and to get a bite to eat or have a few sips of water. Get away from the little darlings for half a minute.

And while she's gone, she need have no fear. For Murphy, the resident Frenchie and an FBRN grad, is always ready and willing to step in and puppysit. In fact, if poor Mama Lillie is gone too long, he goes to fetch her and remind her of her her maternal duties. Yes, he is a bit meddlesome and something of a worrywart, but we think it's lovely to see him taking an interest. We can't say what Mama Lillie thinks of his helpful ways. We think we know, but we just can't say, because words like that should never sully the elegant lips of
Your Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

You can always count on men to remind you of your duty....