Thursday, June 29

Cornbread's Chariot of Fire

Cornbread was adopted early this year by an Ohio couple who have made it their lives' work to tend to this young Frenchie's every whim and fancy. As you may know, French Bulldogs do not make good running companions due to their tendency to overheat. However, regardless of their intolerance of heat and exertion, it is an unusual Frenchie who does not enjoy the out of doors and having a chance to offer passersby a warm salute and to receive the admiring glances and cheerful greetings of his fiefdom's little people.

It delights us that so many of our Frenchie friends are receiving the consideration and acknowledgment of a Frenchie's special needs that we ourselves demand. To those of our readers who may be a bit behind in providing the very latest in Frenchie conveyances, we implore you to provide your darling Frenchies with a servant and a carriage such as these, and we decree that Cornbread's vassal shall receive an extra helping of groats this night, in appreciation of his faithful service to one of FBRN's favorites.

Would that every Frenchie everywhere were as fortunate as Cornbread and
The Frog Princess

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