Saturday, June 10

Sleeping Brutty!

Several weeks ago, the North Carolina 10, survivors of a puppy mill and now available for adoption on a foster-to-adopt contract, received the generous and happy news that an anonymous admirer wished to provide them all with some much needed supplies. Each dog was to receive a $100 gift certificate. Sandy, of FBRN's Board of Directors and a temporary fosterer of one of the NC10, wrote this:
"How thoughtful! As you can imagine, the NC-10 foster parents were touched and thrilled at this volunteer's generosity! It's been a long and trying seven months in many respects, but the kindnesses shown to our dogs and their foster parents touches all of us to the core." We chose JB Wholesale to provide the things, and when JB learned the gift was for rescue dogs--and puppy mill survivors, at that!--they very generously, and without any prompting, sent along a snoozer bed for each dog, in addition to the gifts from our benefactor.
Brutus' foster mom tells the story and shares some photos of Brutus enjoying some of his loot.
Hello Everyone,
As most of you know, we had a very nice supporter who made a donation marked for the NC-10 fosters. Brutty looked and looked through the JB catalog trying to find the right thing.
One of the things he picked out was a new crate pad. When it arrived, I took it out of the package and placed it on the floor for Brutty to inspect. He sniffed and gave his approval. Not only does Brutty play hard,he sleeps hard, too. Do you think he likes his new gift?

Ah, sleep that knits the ravel'd sleeve of care! Brutus, the vision of your sleeping form should bring a smile to the face of the donor who has made your slumber sweeter. Your wanton snoozery is certainly making a bit of nappage sound juuuuust right to
The Frog Princess

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