Monday, June 26

Doucette's Dream

Doucette enjoying the comfort of a bed handmade for her by an FBRN volunteer. A far cry from a falling-down rabbit hutch nailed to the side of a trailer, wouldn't you say? The NC10 continue to enjoy the thoughtful and generous gifts of volunteers and benefactors as they become accustomed to lives as pampered pets with loving families. This is Doucette's birthright and it should be every dog's, including Smeagol, Pancake, Cora, Lola, Twiggy, Brutus, Gina, Ellie and Patches, and every other nameless puppy mill breeding animal and homeless or neglected dog. It is their birthright every bit as much as it is the birthright of your own pet, or Her Royal Highness,
The Frog Princess

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