Tuesday, June 20

Mike and Jake

Well, here's some trouble. Look at these two hooligans! This is Mike and Jake, a couple of rascally pups who are currently undergoing some veterinary treatment prior to being placed on the available dogs page. These two sillies are going to be placed together.

Mike is the quieter of the two, but make no mistake, he's only quiet in comparison to the looniness of Jake the Snake! Mike has his moments. He's a 5 year-old pied boy, and he's very easygoing.

Jake is clearly the more clown-hearted of the pair, and the two photos of him below show him making up to the camera. He's a little nutty, he's very energetic, he's 3 years old, and he's just a pistol waiting for permission to make some noise.

Mike and Jake came to us when their owners, a young couple with a very young child, realized they just weren't able to give the dynamic duo the attention they really should have. Mike and Jake are generally healthy, very loving and temperamentally quite sound and happy. Even Jake, the rambunctious rapscallion, knows enough to be gentle and low-key with little children.
These boys are great with other dogs, and don't pay any attention to the parrot in their foster home. They've not yet even discovered the kitty, and they've been on the scene for days, now.

Watch the available dogs space if you are in the market for a barrelful of Frenchie fun! If you'd like to sponsor their veterinary care, you can go to their sponsor page or click here for a PayPal form. Tell us it's for Mike and Jake. Mike and Jake's foster family are in for a great time with these two goofballs, predicts
The Frog Princess

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