Sunday, June 25

Ethel's Home Sweet Home

We are persuaded that a goodly portion of the population suffers from a condition called Life. It seems to consistently get in the way of completing those little chores that we have promised ourselves or others we will perform without fail. We can ourselves recall those occasional instances when good intentions have met a sizzling end.

So when we heard that one of our FBRN volunteers was having a bit of trouble getting her family together for a family portrait to go with the announcement that her foster is going to be staying with them at their home forever, we were sympathetic. We even cast our minds back to just a few days ago, when--well, the precise details are unimportant. Suffice it to say that we are keeping some folks waiting ourselves.

So, until our volunteer can gather her family together for a portrait, here are photos of the extremely adorable Ethel. She is almost 11 years old, and she has had 5 different homes. She suffers from a chronic condition called Pemphigus Foliaceous, which is an auto-immune disease that results in blistering of the skin, creating scabby areas that are susceptible to staph infection. She will require steroidal drug treatments for the remainder of her life. Ethel's back legs are growing weaker as she ages, so she uses the handy ramps to get up on the bed, couch and window seat, where she always finds a comfy, welcoming, warm spot. She welcomes her people at the door with a wide and joyful grin.

She is a zesty little monkey! Ethel is adored by her people, and she is her own person, doing things her own way. She has a cute way of walking, a cute way of stalking her brothers and sisters when they play, and the most adorable little mouse face ever. She takes no nonsense from the Boston Terrier diva doggie, Winnie, who insists on doing a perimeter check of the yard in the morning before the other dogs go out. But Ethel just pushes her way through the waiting pack to trot out to the great outdoors. Winnie is perplexed by this behavior and pretends not to see it.

Another sister, Maizy, often finds Ethel wearing Maizy's t-shirts, and when that happens, she and Winnie huddle up and whisper their outrage and confusion at each other, cutting their eyes over at an oblivious Ethel, asleep in a sunbeam or gumming a toy. Ethel is too busy enjoying her Life to be concerned about what anydoggie thinks of her.

Look for Ethel's family portrait at some point on the adopted dogs page. Until then, enjoy these photos of darling Ethel, who has found her spirit and her happiness in a home somewhere not far from the Great Lakes. We ourselves aspire to an old age of independence and intrigue, befitting the extraordinary and inspired Life of a
Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Should Ethyl ever decide to quit her job and sail around the world, I'd like to take her place. It sounds like a very nice gig.

p.s. I love this blog.

Anonymous said...

That photo of Ethel and the cat on the couch is inspired.