Saturday, June 24

Billie-Bob Says, "Howdy!"

Billie-Bob came to FBRN in July, 2005, when his family found they couldn't afford the treatments for his allergies or the special diet prescribed by the vet. Moreover, Billie-Bob was on the outs with the English Bulldog in his home. We learned a good deal about this young dog in a short time: Billie-Bob loved to play, loved people, and got along fine with the dogs in his foster home--though as a dog of peaceful bent he drew the line at roughhousing. Ita Mae, one of the resident Frenchies, who loves nothing better than a stimulating game of Frenchie wrassling, was disappointed and disgusted. Billie-Bob loved the tennis balls in his foster home, and he absolutely adored the toys that go "squeak!" Oh, he did have fun with those squeaky toys. So much fun did he have with the running up and down the halls, around and around the dining table, up and down the staircase with the squeak! squeak! squeakity-squeak! that his foster family had to institute a "No Squeakies after 7 pm" rule. That rule has also been adopted by his adoptive family, for the sake of their mental health. Shortly after he went to live with his adoptive family in October, Billy-Bob had a flare-up of allergies, but with the help of a vet and a strict elimination diet, his allergies flare up very rarely. Allergic or not, he's a happy, healthy, dearly loved and rather spoiled young Frenchie. Here's a note from his mom:

Just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know that Billie is doing fine. I don't think he'll ever be cured of his allergies but the vet I'm going to is very good and we are keeping him as cleared-up and comfortable as possible. Here are some pictures. He has made friends with a big black lab that visits from time to time. They are so funny together. Billie follows her all around. My husband babies him something terrible -- it's a crack up. Take care.

We must admit that we are also fond of the squeaky toys, but, of course, we invariably enjoy them in moderation and always with the dignified deportment required of a
Frog Princess

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