Monday, June 12

Cookie, Cookie, Cookie Starts with C!

Yes, well. Too much Sesame Street will do that to a person. Even a princess person.

Our freshest rescue is a gorgeous wee pied girl who comes to us through a commercial breeder. Same place from whence the timorous Sugar came a while ago. Her name is Cookie, and she's very good with people. At only 20 pounds, she is a small but mighty soccer player, and is having a blast with the children's ball in the backyard. Though first reported to be dog-aggressive, she seems to be willing to share space with the canine residents in her foster home. Miraculously, she appears housebroken! She may have been a pet before she wound up as a breeder.

Those freckled-y ears are something special, and her smile is as wide as a waffle! She is going to be a wonderful pet for someone. But first, she must have a large growth removed from one of her mammary glands. She needs a mastectomy, and we are in the process of finding a good surgeon and getting a date for her to go in.

Cookie will also require a spay surgery, and will have 2 hernias repaired. She is now undergoing an antibiotic treatment for infections to her feet. She has sores on her side and near her tail, and her vet has warned us to keep her tail very clean because it is quite tightly curled against her body. It will be some time before this darling confection is ready to be taken home, but Cookie'll be safe and sound in FBRN's care until she is whole and healthy. Your donations to her care will make a future possible for this breeder turned babydoll. And since it's true that rank hath its privileges, gather near and be it known that: "In honor of our newest foster, FBRN fosters, grads, members and supporters shall all enjoy a cookie or two today!" By royal decree of
The Frog Princess
PS If you have no cookies in the house, a bit of cheese will serve.

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