Saturday, June 3

Down on the Farm with Brutus!

Our NC10 puppy mill survivor, Brutus, is making up for lost time!
He's living in Florida on his foster mom's farm, and he's enjoying the wide room for running, and getting acquainted with all the critters. He's made friends with all the cute little animals, but he keeps his distance from the Billy Goats Gruff.

Brutus has developed into a very handsome boy. FBRN sponsorships made cherry eye surgery possible. He's muscled up to about 30 pounds. He is so radiant these days, when he goes out in public he has to wear shades to protect the people from the intensity of his charisma. People who aren't used to seeing him every day could go blind if they looked upon his magnificent male beauty all at once.

Fortunately, Brutus is not stuck-up about his manifold charms and magnetism. Among his friends and family he's not afraid of appearing a bit silly. Brutty is toy-crazy. He almost always has a toy in his mouth, and he's very attached to his things. After 3 years cooped up in a cage with nothing to play with and no room to run, Brutty has become very toy-proud. He likes to show off his toys, and if people don't look and say nice things about them he can get a little glum.

But his blues don't last long. Brutty is just an even-tempered, happy soul. He likes other dogs, and he likes the grandkids who come around. He is making the most of his new life, and we couldn't be happier for him.

Maybe most remarkably, this intact male has made terrific strides in his house training. His foster mom says he is 99% reliable now, and goes to the door to signal he wants to go out. It's a testament to the consistency of his training and his willingness to please. His foster mom has worked hard with Brutus. She writes, "Brutty has come a long way, and I am still amazed to see what a sweetheart he is after all he has been through." Brutty's progress bears witness to the power of a loving home and a devoted foster family. Congratulations and appreciation on your hard work and success to Brutus and his foster family from
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Brutty's a blast! IF I din't already have a charming guy, I would sure go for the magnetoic Brutus :0)