Monday, July 10

Texas Lily Finds a Home!

FBRN has always depended on the kindness of strangers for support and help. In Texas Lily's case, old-fashioned Providence seemed to be working to bring us the very person we needed when we needed him most.

Texas Lily has a liver shunt. A big blood vessel that should branch into smaller vessels in her liver doesn't do its job. Though Lily had surgery to try to correct her condition, the surgery wasn't entirely successful. Lily will require careful monitoring and lots of veterinary care for however much time remains to her.

When we contacted two of the folks with vet connections who were interested in Texas Lily, we found that their circumstances had changed. However, one of our volunteers who had done a vet check recently, recalled a conversation she'd had with a vet in Michigan. He'd said he had rescued English bullies in the past and had a soft spot for Frenchies. He'd made a point of saying he felt a special affinity for dogs he called the "broken ones," and said he'd be happy to offer his services to FBRN in the future. When our volunteer recalled this conversation, she called him again, explained Texas Lily's condition and circumstances and prepared herself for a "no, thanks." Instead, she got an enthusiastic, "yes!" and before the month was out, the vet had hopped a plane, picked up sweet Lily, and installed her as Frenchie in residence at the vet clinic where he works.

We are so grateful to the many kind and generous vets who discount their ordinary rates for FBRN dogs, who use their gifts to heal and treat our fosters, and also to their staffs and veterinary techs who steer folks to FBRN.

We hope you'll send Texas Lily healing thoughts. She's been a very brave girl throughout the ordeals of her diagnosis and surgery. We send her new family a Texas sized "Thank You" for giving her such a perfect place, and we hope to hear more about Lily's life and times among those nutty Yankees. Texas Lily will always have the best care that can be provided and she'll have a loving, wonderful home. That's what FBRN wants for all our dogs.

It's true that we depend upon the kindness of strangers. We are delighted to say we've never been disappointed, marvels a full-hearted
Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Say, I'm feeling a little "peekid" myself. Maybe you better send me that man's number... it's for...a dog..I know. of.

txchic57 said...

I had the same thought! He's cuter than the dog and that's saying something!