Thursday, July 6

Sunshine Goes Home!

We received a note last week to say that our Canadian cousin in Toronto had found a home! Here's part of the message we received:
"Well our little Sunshine left on Friday night with her new daddies. The house is very quiet without her and Storm is sad but Spike has been doing the Snoopy dance for two days (as only a portly Frenchie can do). Sunshine is doing well so far. She starts obedience classes tonight and has met lots of new friends in the neighbourhood. The boys have joined the Frenchie Meet up group here in Toronto so I'll get to see her often. I really miss her happy little face and Tigger-like bouncing, but she is loved in her new home and so we have to let her go. Here are some pics. I'm not in them cause I was a little upset."

We know, as all foster parents do, the bittersweetness of letting our charges go out into the world. Will they be happy? Will they be able to get along without us? The answers to these questions are yes and yes, and furthermore, we ourselves will be happy and fine, too. And soon enough we'll be ready to take in the next wee, sleekit, timorous Frenchie beast toting a tiny red bandana bag tied to a stick, his paddy paws all worn and footsore, who comes all weary and dwindling to our door, looking for a crust of bread, a soft, warm bed and a bit of quiet rest.

Be good, Sunni! Enjoy your life in beautiful Toronto with your new family. We look forward to seeing photos of you at the meet-ups and hearing all about your progress in obedience class! Doubtless you will be the star pupil and bring pride to your family and to
The Frog Princess

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Briarwood Pups said...

Oh how much fun!!! I read all the posts and had a blast reading through one of the most enjoyable blogs I've ever seen. It's a nice way to keep up with the happenings and especially nice to see them in their new homes all happy! The blog looks great and the content will keep me coming back!