Wednesday, July 12

Had Enough? Didn't Think So

Readers were generous with suggestions for alternative choices for Rocky resemblers. We went out and sought photos to add to our cache of possibilities.
Herewith, further contenders for the vote:

Edward G. Robinson

Sylvester Stallone, Rocky

James Cagney,Angels With Dirty Faces

Michael J. Pollard

Diego Rivera

In other news, Mike and Jake! Mike and Jake, Mike and Jake, Mike and Jake! These two boys are breaking hearts and taking names in every corner of the country! They are going to need their own fan club soon, and maybe some bodyguards. Heavens, what an enthusiastic outpouring we are receiving on these two goofballs. Here you see photos of mostly Jake the Snake, our photogenic little scene-stealer. Jake can be seen flattening his tum on the coolness of the tiles, after playtime with the Kong bone. As usual, Mike is hanging out, staying cool.
Aaah. These two are delicious little morsels of la goodness Francaise!
And so we leave you with these images to bounce around in your brain, ensuring a good night's sleep with only pleasant dreams and a restful tomorrow, in the Kingdom of
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

oh, thank goodness...I have been struggling to think of the name Cagney since tuesday!!
that's the one!