Friday, July 28

Daisy, Daisy Give Me Your Answer, Do!

Meet Miss Daisy, a new foster girl currently parked in Michigan. She's an active young thing, very interested in and curious about the world around her. She was surrendered due to concerns about her behavior, and a problem with a leaky bladder, so when one of our volunteers who trains and assesses dogs offered to foster her and evaluate her temperament, we gratefully accepted the offer. We are working on finding a medication or remedy for the bladder leakage. It's a physical, organic issue and it may mean fewer applications for this pretty, sweet pup.

Turns out, our volunteer is willing to say there is not a thing wrong with young Daisy apart from one bite attempt in a vet's office, and some crabbiness regarding a harness she hated (hated!) wearing. Now that she's comfortable in her collar (no harness!)she's settling in to her foster home quite nicely. Looks like she just gets defensive in new situations. Apart from her initial fears, she's a sugar lumpkin, a lap hog and a baa-lamb. Really, she is doing so well that she'll be up and available for adoption in the next week or so. Daisy is just 14 months old, and apart from her bladder issue, she's healthy and fun-loving and a pleasure to be around. She's already developed some admirers among the visitors to her foster home, and she's been there just a week! We are looking forward to more updates on her progress and learning more about our new girl.

Daisy's got a long and happy life to look forward to. You can help set her feet on the path to that future by sponsoring her here.

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