Thursday, July 27

Molly Goes to Work

Molly, formerly Candie Kisses, spent some time at work one day while she was in the process of moving to her long-term foster home. 8 year-old Molly was surrendered following a divorce, when neither her mom nor her dad could find housing that would permit a pet. While Molly visited at work, her foster mom for-a-day took some photos and included captions. Here's Molly, making herself at home while at work.

I had the wonderful opportunity to entertain Candi Kisses for a few hours prior to her transport. Here is how she spent her time at my office.

Having a little snack

Do I smell more snacks?

Please can I have another?

OK. One more snack

What should I do next?

A toy looks like a good idea.

I am a bit tuckered out.

Did you say something to me?

Am I cute or what?

Where am I going?

When Molly came to us, she was a very confused little Frenchie. Not only had she lost her family as a unit, she'd lost her entire home and way of life. We are so often surprised by the resilience of older dogs who come into rescue. After just a few days of reorientation, sometimes just a few hours, they are able to gracefully adjust and come to terms with a new life. Molly is learning the ropes of her foster home and becoming a confident, trusting, happy little French bulldog. If you are a sucker for the older ladies, take a look at Molly's (aka Candie Kisses) biography on the FBRN available dogs page.

We women of some years have quite a lot of life and charm and energy, you know! Through no fault of our own, our circumstances may change and we may find ourselves in search of new homes and lives and laps to enjoy. If you have a shmooshy bed, a warm heart, and an open hand with treats in it, please consider applying for one of the dear elder ladies in FBRN's care. Remember your grandmother, mother and sister, and for their sakes, give a nice gal a second home, pleads
The Frog Princess

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