Thursday, July 20

Remember Sherman?

Here's a photo of our Sherman, an FBRN graduate, engaged in one of his favorite activities: Chasing butterflies!

And here's Sherman chasing after a ball. Look at that form. He's very athletic.

And after he's had some exhausting outdoors activity, Sherman gets to visit with his new Dad and do some wrassling, get some belly rubs, maybe catch some baseball on the tube. Root beer! Popcorn! Carrot sticks and pretzels with mustard. It's tradition, people.

When the game is over, it's back outside to taste some of that delicious Southern California sunshine, to see if the weather will hold for a camping trip. Sherman and his family like to take their camper out and have fun.

And he winds up with a little bit of personal grooming, to keep himself looking good and feeling comfortable.

That's a long day's work, even for a fit and handsome young French Bulldog. That kind of exertion can wear a Frenchie right down to a nub. Look at Sherman. That sweet boy couldn't even make it to his cushy bed! He was so tired he just dropped in his tracks and fell sound asleep.

We are so happy to know that Sherman's new life is entertaining and fun-filled and that there is a lap for him when he wants one. We send our fond regards and best wishes to Sherman and we look forward to postcards from his travels addressed to
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Has that last photo been re-touched? Is that floor really that clean? With a WHITE DOG? Life is so unfair.