Sunday, July 30

Ellie Sleeps In

Ellie's foster mom received these photos and note recently from Ellie's new mom in the special program of foster-to-adopt we are using for the NC-10. We are still awaiting the final dispensation of the NC-10 case, and Cora, Pancake, and Twiggy remain available. To learn more about the foster-to-adopt program for the remaining NC-10, you can click on any of the dogs' names above.

Puppy mill survivor Ellie seems to be making herself comfortable and is proving a perfect addition to her new family. Here's what her mom had to say:

"Just before Ellie arrived I bought an extra-large dog bed. Both Ellie and Griffin love this bed but they never share it. If Ellie is in it, Griff will sleep on the floor and vice versa.

The first sign I see when Griffin starts to bond with another dog is his attempt to sleep next to him/her. This hasn’t happened until today. Ellie got to the bed first and spread out. A few minutes later Griffin tip-toed in and lay down next to her. They have been napping together for about an hour now. It’s very cute and I am happy to see that Griffin is falling for Ellie, just as we have."

Ellie's former foster mom says, "Ellie has become the queen that she always wanted to be!" Little Ellie, we are pleased that you are enjoying your life as a royal. We offer you this advice: Regal is as regal does. Remember to be good to the little people, to be humble, to wear your crown lightly but with dignity, and to uphold the rigorous standards of noble and virtuous behavior and beauty set by your own
Frog Princess

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