Saturday, July 22

Extra! Extra!

The headline is just to introduce you to the newest foster in FBRN's care. It's big news and he's a big boy.

At 35 pounds, Dewey is a substantial Frenchie. This handsome black-masked fawn was a stud dog for the first 3 years of his young life, and is unfamiliar with the finer points of canine etiquette outside the breeding concern where he was raised. When he joined a young couple's family, the very first thing he did was bite a family member's dog as they were being introduced. It's not uncommon for an unneutered boy with a stud history to show aggression to a strange dog, but Dewey's new family were smart enough and wise enough to know when they were in over their heads. They sought our help to rehome Dewey with a family that has experience with a headstrong dog who needs some transitioning between his roles as kennel king and sultan of the sofa.

Dewey will be neutered and he'll get some training in house manners and how to win friends and influence doggies. We are hoping that once he's had his pockets picked, this Incredible Hulk will revert to his mild-mannered alter ego. He should learn quickly how to act right. Just look at the size of his noggin! Plenty of room for a powerful intellect to operate within that granite cranium.

Dewey has a few health concerns. Though as you can see in one photo, he's got a dreadful scar on a back leg that he's had since puppyhood, that's the least of his problems, and it doesn't seem to bother him at all. He's got an ear infection, poor boy, and there's something off in his hindparts, since he sometimes seems a bit weak in his legs. We've scheduled some xrays to see what is going on. His foster mom is also aware of what might be the start of cherry eye.

The Chicago Tribune made an infamously bad call way back in '48, but we're hoping that Dewey really can overcome his history and the negative impression he made the first time out. If you'd like to cast a vote for Dewey's triumph over trouble, you can push the Sponsor button on his foster page, here, and make your opinion count!

Though we generally stay out of politics for fear of getting muddy, we hereby proclaim that Dewey has the full support and endorsement of
The Frog Princess

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