Saturday, July 8

A Consort for the Princess?

We occasionally receive helpful notes from our beloved subjects who wish to see their Frog Princess happily settled down in a loving union with a handsome consort.

Here is a photo of a likely looking lad, our dear friend Murpheee, an FBRN graduate who recently celebrated his natal anniversary with a Curious George pinata full of his Extra Special Irish Blend. You will note that Murpheee is the sort of sophisticate who does not wantonly and messily destroy the pinata entirely, but rather, carefully removes one appendage. So thoughtful of him to consider the servants who must pick up after the celebration.

Yes, if we were in the market for a consort, Murpheee would definitely be in contention. He has a regal, quiet, decent air about him, and we feel sure he would fulfill the ceremonial duties of the role with dignity and goodwill. Plus, he looks quite dashing in a crown!

Happy Birthday, Murpheee! From your devoted
Frog Princess

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