Wednesday, July 26

Miss Mouse Pays a Visit!

Two years ago this month, a Texas Frenchie with beautiful pink toenails got on a plane and made the trip to a land of water. This is what she looked like then.

Mouse moved to Seattle to live with an empty-nest couple. Before long, Miss Mouse was outfitted with her own lifejacket and was learning the lingo of the sea! Ahoy! Avast! Starboard! Her mom is retired and stays at home, while her doctor dad enjoys quiet evenings with the music of the slumbering Frenchie.
From time to time, one of our Washington state volunteers gets to see Miss Mouse, and she recently had the opportunity to host Miss Mouse for a weekend. You can see Miss Mouse is not a bit shy about moving in to the choicest spots: That's M.M. on the lap, while Piper whispers hateful fantasy "accidents" that she and Bugsy might arrange for her.
Meanwhile, Miss Mouse slept the sleep of the innocent and entitled, all comfy and cozy on the couch. It's no watercraft, mind you, and there's no lovely sound of waves or rolling in the other boats' wake, but there is a lovely pattering of raindrops and a yummy pot-bellied stove to make up for the absence of the salty spray and fishy fragrance of Seattle's bays and ports.
Miss Mouse is a lucky girl. She's a good-natured, easy-going, affectionate and well-loved Frenchie.
Miss Mouse, we salute you! May fair winds, following seas and clear skies be your bounty, love, strength of heart and joy! Come back again and see us and let us share your adventures. We can play The Rime of the Ancient Mariner: You can be the Ancient M. and the Wedding Guest will be played by
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

That is a grin that could launch a thousand ships.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the success stories!!!!!