Sunday, July 9

Oatus the Mighty!

Our foster dog Oatmeal, called Oatus by his foster family, is living high on the hog in New York State. We received some photos and an update recently on young Oatus's activities and we thought we'd let you in on this Big Boy's life. He's got chores and obligations to perform, and he does them cheerfully. This is no whining puppy. At 16 months, he's nearly a dog!

He watches the sky for alien invaders.

He tests the mulch for softness.

He guards the evening ice-cream from the Wicked Peanut.

He keeps the garden free of reptiles and other pests.

And when suppertime rolls around at last, it is Oatus's duty to taste all the dishes preparatory to serving. There is no telling what lengths the Wicked Peanut would go to for ice cream, including adding some sleep-inducing drug or potion to the family's foodstuffs. Cats are not to be trusted where ice cream is concerned, and Oatus takes the tasting aspect of his duties very seriously indeed.

As you see, Oatus has a busy life, and the responsibilities of a dog twice his age. Dear Oatus, we appreciate your hard work and your commitment to the family's well-being. We wish you success in all your endeavors, and we offer you our gratitude for your vigilance and loyalty.
The Frog Princess

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