Saturday, July 22

Welcome, Sweetie!

.This is Sweetie, a Frenchie surrendered by her grieving family in hopes that she can find a home. Frenchies are subject to lots of ailments, and treating them can be expensive and prolonged, and sometimes beyond a family's means. That's how it was for Sweetie's loving family, who hated to give her up. Here are some photos of Sweetie on her first day with FBRN. She's in the very capable hands of a volunteer's daughter. They grew to be fast friends in the few days Sweetie was with the family, before she could be transferred to the long-term foster home she is in now.
Sweetie has allergies, and her skin is where the allergies show up. If you look carefully, you can see that she's a little pink in these photos. Her first days in foster care, she started taking antibiotics and antihistamine and began a hypoallergenic diet. After only a few days, she was looking better.

Sweetie is now living with her foster family in one of those states with all those vowels in the middle of the country. She has taken to her new position as princess. (That's princess with a lower-case p, my friends!) As you can plainly see in this photo, the girl is living well: comfy bed, squeaky toys, chewy toys, Mean Kitty--in fact, that looks like our Mean Kitty! Did that little princess break into our Royal Toychest!?
No? All right, no, all is well. Our things are safe. We apologize for the outburst. It comes of having little sisters, my friends. One imagines that one's best things are everlastingly imperiled by sticky fingers. These are absolutely her own toys, provided by her loving foster family. Gee. That's a toy collection fit for a Princess! Hmm. We might have to send the Royal Tax Collector around to visit with Sweetie, maybe collect a couple of...No, no. That would be wrong.

Young Sweetie is certainly being introduced to a life of royal luxury, we'd say. If you would like to volunteer to place yourself in her thrall, she should be available for adoption soon. Meanwhile, as you wait to submit your application, you could fly over to the FBRN website and sponsor Sweetie, if you like. Such a pretty girl is accustomed to receiving little tokens of esteem. At least that's how it was in the younger days of
The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

You are on your way to a better life Sweetie...welcome. You are a beauty
Benny & Lily