Thursday, July 13

Anna Belle Feels A Little Better

We got a note from Anna Belle's foster mom describing some of the changes she's seen in Anna Belle since she first arrived last month. You may remember Anna Belle as the very sick little dog who was living outside in 100 plus degree temps in Southern California. Her skin and intestinal issues are resolving, she has gained some weight, and she is beginning to feel like she belongs. Here she is with her little red ball, looking like a puppy again.

Anna Belle is completely insane about this little red ball. If she were a person, it would not be legal for her to be having this much unregulated fun. She has a little red ball dependency issue. She even sleeps with it, in case she has a little little red ball craving in the night. We are not a bit concerned about this. Look at her! Doesn't she deserve some joy? A little ecstatic, irrational happiness? It rather makes us wish we had a little red ball.

Anna Belle is feeling very happy and comfortable in her foster home. Her foster sister, a Frenchie named Taloula, and foster brother, a Dobie named Rampage, have included her in their fun and games. This is part of the note we got from Anna Belle's mom:

"Here is how I found the girls at 4:30 this morning. Sometime during the night, Anna Belle decided that she really does like Taloula. Too cute, huh? It looks like Taloula even moved over to make room for Anna Belle in her bed. [ed. note: To us, it looks as though Anna Belle shoved Taloula as far as she could off the thing, and Taloula is gonna wake up with a nose-ache, but potato, potahto] Actually, it's the Doberman's bed but only if he gets there first!!! Everyone knows that a Frenchie outranks a Doberman, right?

"This morning, the normal games began. Running, cutting, slicing and dicing all around the house. Rampage in the lead position, then Taloula and then here came Anna Belle pulling up the rear. It was really fun to watch.

"Taloula has Anna Belle outside right now teaching her how to chase butterflies. Every few minutes Anna Belle pokes her head in the house to make sure I am still here, but then she runs back off with her new sister. It is incredibly gratifying for me to see her relaxed enough with other dogs to actually be having fun."

FBRN couldn't do what it does without our devoted, wonderful foster families and volunteers. Though Anna Belle has a long way to go before she is up to par, she's well on her way to being restored to the lively, happy, sweet little Frenchie girl she was meant to be. Keep watching the FBRN website to see when Anna Belle is available for adoption, and, if you can, while you are there you can sponsor Anna Belle's recovery and medical costs.

It makes us happy to see Anna Belle so cheerful. In fact, we feel so perky we think it may be time to get out of doors and see if the breeze has blown any butterflies into the neighborhood of
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

So good to see Anna Belle and the red ball. And the bright eyes. Frog Princess, you are an amazing writer. thanks for the blog.

Anonymous said...

too cute!!!!!!!