Monday, July 17

Lillie's Puppies Today!

We know you've been patiently waiting to see what Lillie's puppies are looking like now. You won't recognize them. They look like tiny dogs! We asked the dogs' foster mom what was most Frenchie about them, and she said one of the puppies has a nice, broad chest like her mom's, but she thinks that when they grow up they will be about half the size of labs. From Left to Right, we have Tobi and Cookie, the girls, and Jeffrey, a boy. These dogs are being adopted with the assistance of a no-kill shelter, which is giving them space on its website and underwriting the cost of the puppies' spay and neuters, as well as their innoculations. They are being housed at our volunteer's home, however, and they will stay there until they are adopted. If you would like to be considered for one of the puppies, you can email their foster mom at for more information. There are more pics of the puppies here.

Lillie is doing very well, and is in love with Murphee, the resident Frenchie. She visited the vet last week, and as she was being carried back to the car, she caught sight of Murphee waiting for her, and nearly ascended into heaven with sheer happiness! We are deeply moved by this evidence of canine affection, considering Lillie's past as a backyard girl who regularly tangled with her yardmate. "A lid for every pot" seems apt, not only for Lillie and Murphee, but for even our seemingly hopeless fosters who have, virtually every single one of them over the last 5 years, nonetheless found hope and homes through FBRN. That's why "A lid for every pot" is the favorite adage of
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Lillie is SOOOOO pretty!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see the little Frenchadors growing up. But, as a Lab rescuer, I must protest; the pups do NOT look like "little dogs" but like labby pups! I'll send another donation for them.