Wednesday, July 5

Pancake Has a Home!

Here's that handsome devil, Pancake. He's looking sassy and soulful and happy as a little white bug in a rug. Look at that mug! The Frog Princess thinks this young dog is a sweet little taste of heaven. We admit it, we're smitten.

The Frog Princess is not alone in her assessment of Pancake's charms. Here is his adoptive mom accepting some hugs and kisses from Pancake, one of the NC10, a two year-old survivor of a puppymill.

And here's Pancake and the new family he's going to be joining in Maryland. We know Pancake is a ladies' man, but he and his new dad are going to be spending lots of time together, doing some male bonding and hanging out with the other furkids in the family. We know Pancake's foster mom had a hard time saying goodbye to this charming, darling soul. Knowing that Pancake is in such good hands and is enjoying his life in a happy home will give her some comfort. We're hoping for plenty of updates and photos from Pancake's family. Smiling through our tears, we soggily wave adieu and send the delicious Pancake the affectionate regards and sincere good wishes of
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

He's so sweet he doesn't need syrup. Pancake is a Prince.