Monday, July 31

Dewey Digs In

Do you know any of those admirable people who live their sweet lives in eternal optimism? They trust that good will happen to them and that all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds. They are the kinds of people who live in hope and who would never dream of despairing.

Dewey is that kind of dog.

Somewhere, sometime, Dewey learned that nice things come out of plastic boxes. And now, incredibly, he has found the boxes! He has found the pantry, my friends! It is the birthplace and locus of--I tell you--it's the genesis and golden source of tasty bites of leftover loveliness, of picnic and party savories, and of treats and morsels beyond the dreams of ordinary canine appetite. List! O, List! Dewey has located the motherlode of magic containers. He is not going to budge until his virtue and dogged (ha!) determination is rewarded.

Perhaps a box will fall and in it there will be some gravy or some juices from a barbecue or ham? Or maybe he will find some bits of frosting on the lid, or even an assortment of sandwich rinds discarded by a picky child. Friends, there is no telling what treasures await the patient and the pure of heart.

Yes, there will come a time when some one of these magic boxes must give up its bounty. How else could it be in this best of all possible worlds? Wish him luck in his watches, readers! Wish him luck, and wish him a generous and a soft-hearted foster mother, who will witness his faithfulness and reward him for it, just as if she were as generous and bountiful as the benign Fate our optimistic friends have such great faith in! Indeed, as if she were as kind, as wondrously munificent as Herself,
The Frog Princess

PS We are distressed to see that young Dewey has yet to receive a single sponsor! Is there no noble spirit in the world who will, by loving deed through PayPal, show Dewey he is worthy of regard? Fie. Fie! O! ne'er let sweet Dewey know that he has inspired no green gifts of friendly feeling. Think how grievously t'would harm his happy vision of the world.
Shh. Don't tell. When Ignorance is Bliss, tis Folly to be Wise.


Anonymous said...

dear frog princess,
just when one thinks all previous blogs impossible to surpass in witt, humour & ever fantastic dogfulness; you have outdone yourself once more. thank you. kudos! and keep on!!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely the funniest blog entry I've ever read. I'm sitting here at work trying not to laugh out loud, but failing miserably. You are a fabulous writer. Keep ‘em coming!