Saturday, July 15

Dora Makes the Scene

Dora was surrendered by her family when it became apparent that she was a girl who should be an only dog. She is exceptionally well-behaved with adults and dog-savvy kids, she's housebroken, and she's an active, healthy girl. She just has a little issue with other dogs, and even then, only sometimes. As you see from these photos, she does fine with some dogs!
We received a lovely note from Dora's mom when she was surrendered, describing Dora's best qualities.

Wonderful cute things about Dora:

She loves to sun on a blanket in the yard.

She loves to lie on the top of my couch and stare out the window all day, both when I am at work and at home.

Likes to have her belly rubbed when lying next to you and watching tv or snuggled up in bed at night.

Loves to play Frisbee in the yard.

She loves to play in her plastic baby pool. I only fill it half way and throw her balls in there, she is so cute -- she jumps in the baby pool and bobs her head in and out of the water until she gets her balls out. Then I throw them back in the baby pool. She’ll play this game for hours.

She is such a lady when you hand her a treat, she takes it so gently and chews so delicately. My other dogs are hogs and just swallow their treats.

Dora gets a tablespoon of vanilla yogurt every day in her food, and she loves this. I alternate between vanilla yogurt and cottage cheese.

Dora likes fruit: she loves strawberries, but I only give her one or two, cantaloupe, and bananas and she really loves animal crackers.

Once a month I put some chicken in her food as a treat; she gets so excited for this.

Dora will lick, lick, lick the bathtub after you shower for hours on end. I have to put a baby gate in front of my bathroom so she cannot go in the tub.

SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES her Mr. Hippo; I bought her this the day I brought her home. It has been in her crate with her forever, she treats it like her baby. No other dogs can go near Mr. Hippo. It is hers. She loves her special blanket I put in her crate; she has also had this since the day I brought her home.

Dora is on our foster list, and she should be available for adoption in the next few weeks. Dora will need a firm and consistent owner, one who will establish leadership in a loving but decisive way. If you fit this description and have a home where Dora can be an only girl, please watch the website and apply for her.

We absolutely understand the attitude of a Princess who enjoys getting things her own way. We think it is only natural that a pretty young thing should believe that she is entitled to special treatment. We wouldn't share our Mr Hippo, either, because those other dogs might not respect his person, and also they might get their cooties on it. This sort of approach to the business of living makes perfect sense to
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

I never share my Mr.Hippo either! The picture of this cutie sleeping on her friends back is precious. Thank you for the blog. It makes me smile every day!