Sunday, July 2

Gus-Gus Gets Physical

Gus was a stud dog for a long time. He was shuffled from pillar to post for most of his 8 years, but he's been in foster care for several months, learning about life as a pet. He's living in Colorado, enjoying the active life that many Colorado residents pursue. He swims in his own private pool, performs yoga with his froggy friends, and he is learning to be a tumbler as part of his dream of joining the Cirque du Soleil. We got a note from his foster mom updating us on his progress.

"Let me tell you a little about Gus. He loves treats and eating, he loves and snuggles on his terms, he likes playing with or sitting in his water dish, he loves women and children, and he will deal with men. He makes the cutest lip smacking sound when he is being petted. He is 99.9% house broken. He's crate trained as long as he gets his treats when he goes in. He hates loud noises, motorcycles, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners and thunder.He does the Frenchie yodel when he thinks he has been left alone.

Gus has a cataract in one eye and we will probably never know just how much he hears. As long as we treat him as if he is deaf there is no aggression. He gets along well with the resident Frenchies but still has some issues with the English."

Tragic that the historic tension between the French and English continues to play out even in the canine races. However, it is our hope that continued proximity will breed amity and understanding between the nations, if only in this foster home. Meanwhile, we are withholding from his foster mom our opinion that Gus is quite likely able to hear and understand every word she says, but, like many of our tricksy friends and relations, chooses to pretend otherwise.

We look forward to the day when Gus's pictures can go up on the website and he's available for adoption. Enjoy your own activities this summer, and stay cool, advises
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

I just read Gus's blog and got my laugh for the day. I really enjoyed it.