Wednesday, August 2

Handsome Jack Has a Setback

If you follow the dogs as they move from foster to available to placement, you will have noticed that Handsome Jack has moved from the available list back to the foster list. He'll be available again some day soon, but for now we are taking it slow and trying to work out a medication dosage and schedule for optimal effectiveness with the fewest side effects.

A couple of weeks ago, Handsome Jack had a seizure. A grand mal seizure. He has a history of seizures, and his foster family has been working with a vet to try to reduce the seizure meds and get him on an absolutely strict schedule and diet to see what the minimum amount of medication might be. Handsome Jack's foster mom is an M.D., so she understands about meds and schedules.

Handsome Jack's foster dad was home when H.J. started seizing, and his quick actions and cool head really helped to minimize Jack's seizure and recovery time. We'd like to publicly thank him for Jack's rescue. Seizures are frightening to witness, we know, and responding efficiently and quickly is important. We hereby declare that by appointment of the Frog Princess, Handsome Jack's foster pappy shall be our driver whenever we happen to be in that neck of the kingdom.

Handsome Jack is doing very well again, enjoying the cool spray of the hose and the warm comfort of snuggling with any available animal. His foster mom wants you to know that the photo of Jack with Maxine was not posed. She found them like that. We believe it! Handsome Jack, we adore you, and anytime you wish for a bed buddy, you can call on
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

We'll be his bed buddy any time too. What a great face!