Friday, July 21

Bubba Checks In

One of the most photogenic Frenchies we've ever seen (and that's saying something) had his picture taken and his mom sent it to us along with a note letting us know how he is settling in. Bubba went to his forever home in Michigan this last spring.

His mom writes:
"Bubba & Katie each enjoying their toys. Doesn't he look good? We are so thrilled with him. He is such a sweet boy. He has been enjoying taking walks & loves to stop at the river to play in the sand & cool off at the beach. I need to take the camera to get pictures of him there. He is such a wild man in the sand. He runs as far as his lead will let him & then flies off in another direction."

It's the sensation of sand between the toes. We've noticed that it causes a certain flightiness in the feet and a surge of reckless, madcap energy that only a really sand-scrabbling, crackerdoggy wild rumpus can release.

Kooky as he may be on the beach, we'd like readers to take special note of Bubba's excellent manners! His sister, a lady of a certain age, has first refusal on the shmooshy bed. Good looking and cultured is a rare and marvellous thing, sighs
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Sheesh. I could go for a really sand-scrabbling, crackerdoggy wild rumpus myself once in a while. Some people have all the luck.

Anonymous said...

my frenchie Maddy does the same on the beach. She digs like crazy then she runs like crazy. It is so funny. Life is much happier with a little bull at your side.