Tuesday, January 2

Lillie's Love

At FBRN, we have wonderful, dedicated, drop-everything-when-you-call-'em volunteers. Our foster parents are second-to-none, and our whole organization is the envy of many rescue groups. And you know who else makes what we do possible?

Our rescue-friendly vets.

Here's Lillie, who has undergone a c-section, spay, two ear ablations, and a number of treatments relating to her existing problems stemming from her neglected condition upon surrender. She is looking deeply into the eyes of her favorite man: her vet. Dr. Dalo has seen her through many of her procedures, and it is a testament that Lillie is always thrilled to get to go see him.

We are very lucky to have many generous, talented veterinarians on our team. We have a partial list posted of vets who have donated time, products, medicines, talent and care to our foster dogs. We hope you'll visit there and when it's time to see a vet for your Frenchie, consider taking your friend to a vet with experience in the special needs of French bulldogs, and with a track record of supporting our work in rescuing Frenchies in need.

We wish all our vets a Happy New Year, and we extend to each of them a grateful kiss.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

I think FBRN is the best. I was happy to see my vet Dr. Bonnie Burke on your list. She is a wonderful vet & I would reccomend her to anyone in Michigan that is close enough to see her. We travel about 60 miles one way to see her. We have known her for several years & she is caring & loving with her patients. She has treated 3 of our Frenchies & has saved my sanity on several occasions. She is everything a vet should be.

Anonymous said...

The vets and veterinary staff who help rescue Frenchie are rock stars, in my opinion! And what a lovely picture of Dr. Dalo and Lillie, who has been through so much and has found such big hearts to suport her in her physical and emotional recovery.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you've done for my kind!!! I would like to put your link on my blog!!! You are generous and caring people... viva de la FRENCHIES and peple who care about DOGS!!!