Thursday, January 4

Shoeless Joe Sitting Pretty

Why are Frenchies so beloved? We don't know. We have some ideas, though.

Could it be the utter, ineffable and ineluctable preciousness of da feet? And the sitting with the feet so arranged all adorably and in such a way that is...not possibly anything but Frenchie? That crazy, darling way of sitting and then, of course, that face.

Yes. The feet and the face. They drive the people wild.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Oh, he looks so fine, and especially fine when you consider his state when he came into Frenchie Rescue care. You go, Joe!

anita said...

i love this dog.. how far is colorado from ca again??? lol he is just the cutiest!

Anonymous said...

I also like the reverse leg position with the back legs OUTSIDE the front legs, pointing straight east and west. Equally charming, equally frenchified.

Anonymous said...

Doggie yoga! Such a cute little muffin.