Tuesday, January 16

A Boy and His Tuggie!

A few months ago, we didn't know if Tuggie, then Dottie, would ever find a home. She was hard of hearing and kind of funny looking, following two ear ablation surgeries. Plus, she was out in the boondocks of the Southwest US, and a far piece from the bulk of our applicants. She had a radiant personality and a unique beauty, but all she had to offer went unclaimed for a long, long time.

Then, one day, we got an application from a veterinary technician. She knew all about special needs dogs, she or her vet could see to Dottie's every little medical adventure, and a member of the family was going to be in the neighborhood and could transport Dottie to her new family! All was rejoicing and happiness!

And here is Tuggie with her best pal. At night, Tuggie goes into his room until he falls asleep, then climbs into bed with mom and dad. And first thing in the morning, when this guy gets up, she's zooming down stairs. He lets Tuggie and her brother Bandit out for some exercise, and watches them while they exhaust each other. Then they come inside for some less rambunctious playtime.

It's a great life for Tuggie these days. Sometimes the perfect home just takes a little while to show up. But we truly believe that there's a great home for every Frenchie.

A lid for every pot! exclaims
The Frog Princess

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anita said...

that is such pure love.. a boy and his doggie. :) i am so happy for both of them!