Friday, December 29

Pumpkin for Everyone!

One thing we know about our volunteers: we can count on them. Truly count on them.

We got a call on the Wednesday of Thanksgiving week that a woman wanted to surrender her Frenchie girl right away, as soon as possible, tomorrow, even. On Thanksgiving? we asked. Yes. On Thanksgiving.
You'd think it might be hard to find a person willing to forego the holiday celebration and fetch home a young foster Frenchie. Especially one with medical issues and a history of seizures. We would have to spend hours calling around to find someone who would abandon the Thanksgiving tofurkey and mashed pots and yams and green bean casserole and the warmth and company of family and friends to pick up a foster pup. Might take some doing.
You might think so, O Ye of Little Faith, but you would be mistaken! The first home who heard about this foster girl volunteered to go and fetch her, have her vetted and would even foster her, though she had a foster, Roxanne, in the house already! So sweet Pumpkin joined in with a family at the Thanksgiving groaning board and lay around and watched football with the gang afterward! Yes, she did, and she even got a little taste of sweet potato and tofurkey.

Isn't she the prettiest thing? She's doing well with us and her seizures are growing less frequent and less intense as we slowly adjust the dosage to the proper levels. She is having fewer accidents in the house and she is having lots of fun with her foster sibs. She's become quite a vocal girl, and she goes wild for car rides. People who see her stop dead and swoon from the impact of her gorgeous face and perfect coat. Keep an eye out for Pumpkin if you think you have what it takes to keep her on a strict medication schedule and you have the time to give a young Frenchie who needs structure and consistency. She's going to make a family very happy.

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Hats off to those awesome volunteers! Four of our doggies wouldn't have been eating turkey with us on Thanksgiving if it hadn't been for the kindness of these special angel-people. Happy New Year, Frog Princess!